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To The Moon, Connie!

It's still dark out as Don drives in, but he apparently hasn't gotten far, as he comes across Sally's teacher Suzanne out for a run, wearing a Bowdoin shirt and a somewhat friendlier attitude than the last time she and Don interacted. He talks her into accepting a ride the rest of the way, but the mood in the car turns pensive when they first hear Martin Luther King Jr. giving his "I Have A Dream" speech on the radio, followed by a news bulletin about two young women being "brutally murdered" in their Upper East Side apartment, and I'm just glad Peggy's mom likely isn't awake to hear that latter bit. Referring, I hope, to the MLK speech, Suzanne says she's going to read it to the kids on the first day of school, and when Don asks if she thinks they'll understand it, she replies, "I think they already know it. It'll be nice for them to hear an adult say it." Don, sounding genuinely beguiled, asks who she is, if she's dumb or pure or what, and wonders how it is that he could run into her in the middle of the night like this. She in turn asks what he's doing out there at this time, but rather than explain his recent foray into the world of indentured servitude, he merely says he couldn't sleep. They arrive at her destination, and after she lets him know she rents an apartment over the garage, he asks her to have coffee with him. If there wasn't anything open in the area right after the town hall meeting, I doubt they can find coffee at this small hour, but I think he's angling to be asked in, which is surprising given that he's on deadline. I mean, I know he takes his adultery seriously, but I didn't think he'd keep Connie waiting even for that. He's got his most winning smile plastered on here as he says it's just coffee, but Suzanne's run had made her nice and awake: "Maybe that's why you can't sleep. Too much coffee." Heh. She gets out without another word and runs to her door, and Don watches for a moment, enchanted, before getting going again.

Sometime later, it's raining outside as Allison comes into Don's office and is amusingly startled when he bids her good morning from the couch. He tells her he'll need some coffee and for her to type up the ideas he recorded into the Dictaphone and get them to Connie before he leaves for Europe. Allison tells him that Connie's actually going to California now, and offers to get him on the line, but Don issues her marching orders: "[Dictaphone], coffee, Hilton." Heh. And while that sequence may mean he's going to be waiting a while for the coffee, that couch does look pretty comfortable, so I think I'm on board with the plan. Don lies back down as thunder rumbles outside...

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