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We're reminded that last week, Jacki cried about the thong, Perry walked through the pain, and Dominic whined and made excuses. This resulted in Dominic going into the hole along with Katy and Sarah, she of Earth's longest torso. Left in the hands of America, the bottom three sullenly pack their bags, not knowing which of them will be voted off. Katy and Sarah both say privately that they're pretty sure they want Dominic to go -- "he's kind of a prima donna," Sarah says. And in a painful affirmation of this opinion, we see Dominic droning on to Perry about how if he does get voted off, "at least I get to go home to like, my chick, and my records and my turntables and stuff." Duuuude. Can you hear yourself? Katy says, in an interview, that if Dom's so ready to go home, she hopes he's the one to go. "I want Dom and Katy to come back," FRANKIE says in the kitchen, and I think for a moment that he's going to say something nice, but no. He turns his Manson lamps on full beam, and says that he wants them to come back because he sees Sarah as more of a threat, and with her gone, he'll have a better chance. FRANKIE, you're so much hotter when you are silent.

On their way to the elimination, Sarah says she doesn't think she's the one who should go, at all. "I have no gut feeling," Katy adds, saying that in any case she's not ready to go home, either. Sometimes when they show a close-up of Katy's face, I can really see how she got in to this contest -- she is really attractive. The three of them face the judges and hear again how they ended up in the bottom three: "you were less than memorable," Niki says, and once again runs through all their faults. Katy's body isn't fit enough; Dominic is low-energy, has no versatility and complains; Sarah's fading into the background. Ouch. "You have a beautiful girl-next-door look," Cory tells Sarah, "but we're trying to find a supermodel." It's so dramatic, I can't even tell you -- when Niki announces that Katy is safe, I am afraid Sarah is going to faint, she rolls her eyes so hard. They stretch it out as long as possible, until finally Tyson lays down the boom. "Sarah," he says. "We can't make you a supermodel. I'm sorry." She cries and Katy and Dominic hug her like she's their long-lost sister while the judges look coldly on. "You're such an awesome person, inside and out" Dominic whispers to her as they all cling together. "You're so beautiful." It's super creepy, and what's truly awful is that after saying it in this tone, like a frat boy who just drunkenly took her virginity, he doesn't even let her get all the way out of the room before he busts out a big "YEAH!" of self-congratulations. Backstage, Sarah says she was sure Dominic would be the one to go, simply because of his attitude, and that Katy does well, but needs to improve. She could probably rip them both a new one, but takes the high road, saying she can only wish them luck.

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