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Much props are given to Ronnie for his amazing photo and his fantastic, confident walk. Cory thinks he's a great kid, and "definitely a person to watch." I feel like there was a "...but" in there that got edited out, though. Hmm. Somehow, they must feel like Jay has some potential -- Cory says his walk is good, but Tyson says if he doesn't step up his game, he's going to have a problem staying in the competition. I honestly think his photo was wretched, but they don't spend much time ripping him. Aryn, Miss Personality-Begins-At-Home, is highly praised for her work this week: Jennifer says she gave 100 percent at the photo shoot and looked great on the runway. Agreed. I mean, she has such a lovely form, I hope she ignores dumb ol' Jacki and starts really rocking it.

An assortment of models are called back out where Niki tells them that three of them gave them attitude this week that said "I can be made into a supermodel." However, Tyson adds, doing his best bad cop, three of them did not give any such attitude and will thus be put up for the vote. They terrify Aryn by calling her name first -- but she's safe. Niki tells her that her photo was so good, it could have been in any magazine. Jacki, so used now to receiving compliments, barely reacts when Niki gives her the thumbs-up and declares her this week's winner. Ronnie also gets the pass off the catwalk, though frankly he was totally robbed if they're saying Jacki was better than him. No way. Left on the runway are Katy, Ben, Jay and Dominic. It's clear in Katy's face that she knows she's going back in the vote hole, and the same can be said for Dom. He can barely contain his angst when Tyson lectures him on his stiffness. All of them are wearing such crazy eye makeup that they look twice as sad when Tyson razzes them. Jay's photo, he says, was once again at the bottom of the pile. Ben's lack of confidence, he continues, is really hurting him in the competition. And Katy? Even with her new look, Tyson says, she's the "same ol' Katy." Tyson drags it out, now, telling Ben first that he's up for the vote, then Katy. "Jay," he says next, causing Dom to whip his head around, "your catwalk just about saved you. You may leave the catwalk." Dominic lowers his head and I have a pang of sympathy for a second when I am afraid he's going to start crying, but then he raises his head again and looks all smug, and I reach for the phone to vote his handsome ass off. My disdain is justified when, during the credits, we see him in an interview blame Debbie for telling him how to walk a certain way and ruining his chances with the panel. If he stays and Ben goes, this show will be dead to me. Katy, meanwhile, reminds us that Niki's body was curvier than the average model during the height of her career, and since Niki didn't give up, she won't either.

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