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FRANKIE makes a very thinly-veiled jab at Katy, saying that America must love her, and she is either too smart or too un-smart to snap back at him. "I'm gonna make America proud," she says, and it occurs to me what a great pageant queen she could be. We hear Aryn's voice in voiceover saying that she misses Sarah, but she can't help thinking that, to win, she'll have to watch everyone go home.

And now, what we've all been waiting for. The crew is taken to Cutler, exclusive New York hair salon, where they meet up again with David, the director of the men's division at New York Models. Cory goes on that they will represent the brand that is New York Models, and David bitches that they need to get them ready to see clients, "because right now, none of you are ready." Especially, he says, "Farrah Fawcett over there," and gestures to FRANKIE, nearly causing me to have a heart attack. Listen, he may be an ass, but don't cut his hair! Please, God! Please! So, makeovers! The boys are taken downstairs to see Antony, Cutler's creative director, and the girls are introduced to Rodney Cutler, salon owner. He explains to them that hair is a big part of their career, and that they have to give up their ownership of it and not be too attached to one style.

Stephanie is first, and says nervously that she doesn't want really short hair. Well, girl, no one does. Downstairs, David threatens FRANKIE with clippers, from which the child leaps away like he's been hit with a stun gun. I don't blame him, and neither does the stylist -- he just wants to trim it up and put in some layers for movement. Back upstairs, Katy is to become a redhead, much to her shock, and Holly's hair is going short, much to no one's shock. Mr. Cutler says she needs to be ahead of the curve, and a short cut will make her stand out. Why they can't see that she stands out now, I don't know. What would be wrong with maybe a little signature Vidal Sassoon cut? Maybe her bangs are too short? I don't know. So, they're cutting it. Meanwhile, while FRANKIE sits under the heat lamps, Casey goes Dr. Frankenstein on him, hamming it up with some brain-transfer jokes. "You will not just be this egocentric little monkey!" he cries. "You will be...a supermodel!" It is quite funny, and I have to wonder if Casey is trying to laugh through his tears -- his own "new look," which he claims to love, ain't really working for me. It's straight and lank and makes him look older and too...German, or something.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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