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Ronnie's up first, and is less than excited to don the harness over his briefs. "Who wouldn't feel confident with one of these tuggin' away at you?" he laughs, shaking the thing. "Make sure I don't trap your junk," the harness operator tells him, and Ronnie figures he didn't need to breed anyway. Ronnie, by the way, looks fantastic. Really, just absolutely amazing, like some kind of Aryan poster-child meets James Dean. The photographer says he set the tone for the whole day, and Ronnie is sure to pass this message on to his fellow models. Too bad he couldn't have given Ben any tips, because our favorite prison guard goes out and cannot bring the energy at all. It probably doesn't help that Silver keeps yelling at him to "hit it! No, I mean, hit it!" He just doesn't know what to do, is the thing, and he doesn't have the confidence yet to let himself go. I think he thinks there's some "right way" to do this, when in fact he just needs to try to do it, rather then waiting for someone to give him the secret. In any case, he struggles.

Stephanie, who bores me, goes next and does well. Aryn, who has hair to make a Charlie's Angel weep with jealousy, also seems to get some good shots in. Hey, guess what? The photographer loves Jacki. What a shock. She also seems to like FRANKIE, whose hair has been flat-ironed, causing me to lose all passion for him, and tempting me to lowercase him. But then I see his face and all is forgiven. He is the only one of the models to really take advantage of the harness, and moves all around, sideways and stuff. Perry, looking quite studly, toughs it out even though his wang is all bunched up. Whenever Perry is not the focus of the show, I like him so much better.

Backstage, Jennifer comes in to tell them all how lucky they are to be shot by Silver, and how good they all look with their new hair. Except then she has to be a bitch and tell Holly how, oh, she didn't think Cory was right and they shouldn't have cut the pageboy. Holly looks sad for a second, but on her way to her shoot, she seems to have shaken it off, pointing out that there's nothing they can do about it now. She looks amazing anyway, and her shots are fantastic. Katy's shoot is next, and once again, she falls short of expectations. Her hair is pretty fabulous-looking, but way more Nashville than Milan, if you know what I mean. Gotta be honest with you, though, if I could get my hair to look like that every day, I would be a happy person. Silver says that she thinks Katy is a really sweet girl, but maybe she's too nice -- she gets distracted and giggly between shots and loses her focus. The quick shot of the photo that we see, however, looks pretty good.

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