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Next up is Jay, and frankly, he is a disaster. I love his personality, but every shot looks like he's about to break into "I Believe I Can Fly," all gazing up into the ceiling, looking pensive. It ain't working. He says in interview that he needs to get his facial expressions right or he's going to get sent home. What he actually needs to do is stop making facial expressions and just... have a face, instead of this non-stop attempt to look like some kid on Making the Band.

Casey also has been flat-ironed within an inch of his life, but must do all right, because we see hardly anything of his shoot. For these small mercies, Lord, we thank You. Not that I dislike Casey, but I just can't wait for more people to get cut so we don't have to see the same thing fourteen times.

Ugh. Dominic's turn. He says he's going to "bring" his "inner spunk," which is idiotic and adds that he's "feelin' 'bad boy.'" Silver interviews later that what Dominic has working for him are his facial features, which are perfect for photography. He just needs to fine-tune his skills. She leaves out the part about how he desperately needs to shut up. Summing up on the day, Silver says that the best of all were Ronnie and Jacki, while the worst were Katy, Ben, and Jay. "Sometimes it just doesn't work," she says, "and you can't fight it."

Time has come once again to strap on the unitards and have a runway lesson with Debbie. Ah, but first, they must have their weekly measurements taken. Katy is, of course, up first so that they can point out how grossly obese they think she is. It is so upsetting, since she has what is really a gorgeous body, but apparently she's gained an inch in her bust in one week. Cory finds this amazing and impossible, and Debbie asks Katy if maybe it's that time of the month. Not embarrassing at all. Katy nods that it is and escapes as quickly as possible. Next is Holly who has lost a half-inch in both her waist and hips and is congratulated as if she just cured blindness. Aryn, however, does not get the same cheers when she appears to have lost three inches in, to quote Debbie, "her tits." Now, see, how is it that we can say "tits" on TV? And, more importantly, how is it that I have had to type it now three times? Oh, was that just two? Tits. Galiano's muse got a mouth on her. She and Cory give Aryn these faux-worried looks as the girl goes on and on about how she has been exercising and not eating bread at all. It's just water-weight, people -- maybe last week was her time of the month. Don't be such hypocritical freaks, please -- either you want them to lose weight or you don't.

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