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The next day, the models show up for their weekly catwalk and are met by Niki. She tells them that, as models, they may be asked one day to walk for Prada and give a "deadpan walk," and the next day work with Galliano, who requires way more theatrics. "You have to give the designers what they want," she says. Today, in fact, they'll be working with one New York's most vibrant labels: Heatherette. It is clear immediately which of these contestants has an awareness of Heatherette, and which have not. And, to be honest, if you were not familiar with Richie Rich and he was suddenly upon you, whipping off your clothes, you might be frightened, too. "Sell the look, sell the attitude," he tells them, "like you really believe in it." Excited, the models rush the rack and begin getting ready. FRANKIE seems terrified to meet Kabuki, a super-precious Japanese-American queen who will be transforming them all via MAC cosmetics so that they can "sizzle" on the catwalk. FRANKIE needs to learn how to control his face when encountering an experience that is foreign to him. Isn't he from Miami? You'd think he'd know a few gay men.

The catwalk show begins and they all look wild. FRANKIE looks like an Aztec god or something, in a feather headdress and barely-there loincloth with various chains and whatnot. Also looking good, Casey, whose walk seems to have improved, at least from what we can tell in this editing. Dominic, dressed as a cowboy, walks awkwardly and looks dumb, while Ben, looking like a confused club kid in gold pants and a torso-wrap, doesn't handle the catwalk well at all.

Katy looks all right to me, but the camera cuts to Corey's face where he is giving her a truly pitying look. Holly looks fantastic in a sheer dress, and Jacki, blah blah, they love her. As the show ends, Tyson looks bored out of his fucking mind.

It's question-and-answer time. They ask Jay how he felt about the photo shoot, and instead of just saying he felt like he didn't do very well -- why don't they ever just SAY it? -- he blabs a little about how he wasn't used to be hoisted up, but that he was glad he got to have a smiling picture, because he loves to smile. Okay. Cory tells Dom that he still needs help on his walk, which is true, but Dominic immediately offers up excuses. The guy absolutely does not know when to shut up. The outfit was a challenge, he says. This is the first time he's ever worn boots and spurs, he says. Plus, he reminds them, this is only his second runway ever. I swear, he's like that kid that every teacher dreads having to meet with because he will never get that he's responsible for his own fate.

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