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Previously: Jonathan didn't shine at the photo challenge and spazzed out and modeled SO HARD on the catwalk that he almost got sent home. Salome's ass is not shrinking and neither are Sandhurst's thighs, and this is unacceptable. Mountaha won immunity. Marlon said to Salome, "I have a problem with your body," but she wasn't eliminated. She may have died inside, but she wasn't eliminated. It was emotionless Jordan who got the boot. Good riddance, I say.

All the judges are here! I know I complain when they're not, but I could actually use a little break from Perou about now. It's morning at the condo and Salome reads the clue for the photo challenge. It warns them to bring warm clothes, because they are about to become polar bears. Salome informs us that polar bears go into the water and hunt for fish. She thinks she's fishing, nice. Mountaha interviews that she and Salome are the final two girls, but she thought it would be her and Jordan. Eff all the Salome haters up in there. Sandhurst interviews that the judges were sending a message by eliminating Jordan. Any slip-up can mean going home.

The models head for the beach, where a graphic informs us that it is 36 degrees! Brr. Sandhurst says that the weather in his home of Trinidad and Tobago is always perfect. Tyson and Nicole greet them while standing behind a blue tarp. Mountaha wonders if there's a dead body under the tarp. FYI- I was at a party with her two nights ago. Someone had to tell me it was her and I was directly behind her. I don't know what that means. Tyson points out that Salome no longer has her weave and Jonathan is blonde again! Jonathan replies that blonde was better and Tyson agrees. It's going to be a swimsuit shoot today. Nicole says that most fashion layouts for summer are shot in the winter, so they have to act like it's warm. Branden is not excited. He's wearing warm clothes and is still cold.

An "iconic, groundbreaking" photography team who has worked with David Bowie, Beyonce and Anne Hathaway (Salome whispers, "Who?") will be shooting the models today. It's Markus Klinko and Indrani, who look just as European as you would have imagined. ["Now is the time on Klinko when we take pictures!" - Zach] Markus says that they will be shooting a traditional swimsuit layout. They have to be sexy, even though it's cold. Indrani says they will be shooting with a partner and it's under the blue tarp! She removes it and there's a lot of dead fish and slimy things. WTF? I already don't want any of these swimsuits. Way to groundbreak yourselves right out of a job, Klink and Indrani. This is stupid. Tyson tells the "sons of beaches" (he did NOT think of that himself) to get fitted.

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