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Branden put heat packs in his groin area, which seems like an altogether terrific idea. Once he's oiled up, he goes to the set and has to hold this huge fish. Boris and Natasha like his face, but not his body. He interviews that he knows that he doesn't match up to Jonathan and Sandhurst as a swimwear model, but he knows that he has a great look. Markus says essentially the same thing and Indrani remarks that his face is very handsome. Mountaha has this giant eel draped around her like a mink stole. She interviews that, although she has immunity, she wants to wow the judges. They tell her to turn profile, which we recall Perou hates on her. But, she thinks she nailed it. Indrani says that she's not a natural, but she tries really hard.

That night, they're cooking dinner together and Mountaha asks Sandhurst and Branden how they think they did. Sandhurst says that he's not going to think about it until he sees the picture. Branden says that he thinks that Salome is going to win again, because the photogs loved her. Whatever, replies Mountaha, that doesn't mean anything if she wins the photo challenge. I guess she's right, but I think she is saying that mostly because she's never won a photo challenge. God help me, that's right, isn't it? She interviews that there is competition between her and Salome and we see a shot of Salome bending over in front of Mountaha. Salome interviews that Mountaha is a firecracker and a great friend. Mountaha says that she's pretty sure she's going to beat Salome.

The next day, Nicole arrives with the photos. She hands them out and we start with Jonathan. He's jumping in the air and it looks good. He's really happy with it. Mountaha is facing front in her photo and it also looks good. Everyone loves it. Branden's photo is a winner too! Everyone comments on how huge the fish is, which isn't really what you want to hear when you're wearing a Speedo. The fish is huge? The shot of Salome is completely of her ass. She's terrified. Jonathan interviews that she has cellulite that wasn't on the page, so it must have been retouched. Jee-Zus. I really hope they have a reunion show, because people have said some really interesting things about one another. Sandhurst doesn't like his photo. I guess his "muscular quads" are shown to his disadvantage and he feels it's not strong enough.

Cory calls, and the winner is... Salome! I. LOVE. IT. Sue me, ya'll, I love her. Everybody is stunned into silence. Branden looks really pissed. Sandhurst is at least big enough to interview that her run of photo challenge wins is "impressive." She interviews that she felt "a hundred silent middle fingers go up" when she won. She knows they're all wondering why the "fat girl" keeps winning the photo shoots. She and Mountaha are going to Rosa Cha! That's huge. They make Brazilian bikinis. [They must be pretty popular, since they were also on the season finale of America's Next Top Model last week. - Z] They will be meeting with Amir Slama, the designer of Rosa Cha. Salome is concerned about taking Mountaha to meet with another Brazilian. She wishes she were with someone who didn't speak "Porkogese." Always thinking about food, aren't you, fatty?

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Make Me A Supermodel




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