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The next day, the models arrive at the catwalk. Tyson and Nicole greet them. Tyson says that there is no more immunity for winners. The models will be modeling two looks each this week. They'll be working with designers who have worked with Rihanna and Beyonce. Then, Tyson introduces "The Blonds." A man and woman, both very blonde, enter the catwalk. Wait. Jonathan says that he noticed the cute girl, then he noticed her Adam's apple. Heh. He says Branden was like, "Boobies." But, no, "Sausage." You see him pick up on reality. Something is shaken inside of him. Phillipe Blond, celebrity designer and wearer of dresses, tells them that one of the looks they'll model will be high-glamour, the other will be Goth. The other Blond, David, says that they will need to create a character on the catwalk.

They go backstage for more surprises. It looks like the boys are going to be wearing heels and corsets alongside the girls. Sandhurst has problems fastening his jeans, and Salome sings to him "Thunder Thighs" to what sounds like the tune to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." Sandhurst interviews that he is worried for himself.

The show begins with Branden's Goth look. Perou doesn't even recognize him. He's wearing a blond wig and it does make him look totally different. He says that he's going to work hard on his character. He looks good. Salome seemed a little stiff in her look. She interviews that her shoes were falling off. Sandhurst comes on in a blond wig. They all are wearing wigs, but I needed to point his out. Perou says his ass looks big and Jenny agrees. Mountaha comes on and looks fine. She refers to herself in the third-person and says that she hopes to impress the judges more this week. Here's Jonathan, showing his torso. It is good. They rush backstage to change into their Glamour looks. Branden is first again, and he's wearing a corset. He says that he's really uncomfortable but hopes that he doesn't appear that way. Jenny thinks that he looks good in the clothes. Salome is next and looks great coming down the catwalk, but her butt is showing as she leaves. Here's Sandhurst, and that corset is tight! He hopes that he won't be like Hillary Clinton, losing everything at the end. Jonathan is next and says that, since designers will be deciding if they like his walk or not in the real world, he hopes to impress The Blonds and nurture a relationship with them. I bet they'd be open to that. Here's Mountaha in a feathery get-up and she interviews that her walk was perfect.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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