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Tyson introduces the judges. Perou says that Branden looks great as a blonde woman. Catherine thought he was very strong. Jenny didn't like his picture, he's not swimsuit guy, but she says that's fine. A lot of designers are looking for skinny dudes, it's more avant-garde. Jenny says that Jonathan's photo makes her laugh. Perou likes that he can do that, but says that he wouldn't want his entire portfolio to be filled with crazy-guy photos, which I think just about everyone knows without needing to be told. Catherine thought that he was very good on the catwalk, but she would like to see more emotion from him. For Salome, she says that her entrance tonight was weak. And, following that was a weak walk. Marlon says that he liked her photo, but her walk was wobbly. He asks her how she feels about her outfit and she says that it's amazing. Does she think she's doing it justice? Well, "apparently" she wasn't strong enough, so... Good answer. Perou just says that this wasn't her strongest week. Jenny says that she wasn't sure about Mountaha at first, but she has grown. Perou liked the way she made the clothes move. Catherine thought that Sandhurst looked ridiculous. Perou mentions his big ass. Catherine says that his face had no depth in his picture. Jenny tells him that she needs him to convey something in his photo, but she's not sure he can get it in a week. He assures her that he can. Tyson tells Sandhurst that he wants him to loosen up. Nicole says that she doesn't think either girl should go home.

The judges confer. Catherine says it's the first time she didn't like Sandhurst on the runway. Jenny thinks he knew that he looked ridiculous, which Marlon thinks is a count against him. He thinks that Salome is beautiful in pictures, but he still has "a problem with her body." That's such a horrible thing to hear. She's limited because the clothes don't fit her. Mountaha's is Perou's favorite picture. And, he loved her walk. Catherine didn't like the movement of the clothes, which Perou disagrees with. Marlon says that Jonathan gave a wide range of shots to the photogs. Catherine says that it's time for him to remove his mask. Jenny wonders if he plays it safe because the stakes are so high for him. Catherine loved Branden's performance on the catwalk. She felt like this is the first time she hasn't looked at him as a kid. Perou repeats that sentiment and says that in one week he has gone from a boy to a man. The decision is made.

We're all here. Tyson tells Mountaha that she has evolved, but now it's time to take it to the next level. She is safe. He asks Jonathan to surprise them. Branden rocked the catwalk, but he needs to work to be consistent. Branden is... safe. Jonathan won! No immunity, though. Big deal. He says the same thing. It's down to Sandhurst and Salome. They hold hands. Tyson grabs a book. He says that Sandhurst has the body of a supermodel, but the face of an accountant. He tells Salome that her walk disappoints. Sandhurst is... safe! NO! Okay, now I'm upset. I understand that her butt really is big, but... I'm so upset. I am. Eff this, I can't be big right now. She says that she's annoyed that she didn't get her body perfect before she got here, so she would have been able to spend more time working on her walk. Tyson tells her to go home and get the highest heels she can find and don't take them off until she can work it. Boo. She says that she can still be a supermodel, just not this second.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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