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Previously:Everybody had to model in bathing suits on a freezing beach. Sandhurst was told he looked like an accountant. Salome, though the winner of her hundredth photo challenge, was sent home. Can we just end this now? I don't want to do this without Salome. Her butt was too big. Everybody taking a picture of it loved it, but they're no Perou, I suppose.

It's morning at the Salome-less condos across the street from my gym. The guys are trying to wake up and Sandhurst attempts some sort of nerdy accent and says, "I need to be an accountant. And do your taaaaxes." I don't know where that nerd is from. That comment from the judges last week apparently hit him hard. He says he's going to deliver this week. Jonathan finds some of Salome's belongings and is apparently grossed out by her underwear. Perhaps it's dirty, I don't know. But, for being a construction worker, I find this Jonathan character to be a bit prissy. Gloves are off, people. Branden says he's excited that Salome is gone because now maybe he'll have a chance to win a photo challenge. Fair, but don't push it. Jonathan says that all of the "whiners" are gone now and it's down to four people, a "family," who want to be there more than anything else in the world. Did Salome whine? These people just hate Mennonites. Poor form, models. They joke about Mountaha having to cook, since she's the woman. She interviews that she's excited to be the last girl standing. She calls herself "Queen Mountaha" and says that she's going to win. No you're not. Seriously. Right?

They wait all day for the email about the photo challenge. The clue reads that models are hot, but now it's their chance to prove it. Mountaha is so psyched that the next "crazy" thing they're doing is a night shoot. Wild, yes. They get into a car and Sandhurst asks everyone if they thought they would be in the final four. Branden says that he didn't, he underestimated himself. Queen Mountaha says she knew.

They arrive at a dark warehouse and Sandhurst thinks it's a horror movie. He's nervous because black guys always die first. They walk into the warehouse, which is still dark. Finally, this pyrotechnic stuff explodes and lights the faces of the frightened models. Branden says that he must have looked like a little girl, but he actually looks like an angel. Mountaha is the one who should feel bad. She did something with her mouth that she should never do again. But, of course, someone was shooting fire at her. Maybe she won't ever have a need for that face again.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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