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Tyson and Nicole are there to greet the giggling models. Tyson says that they are proud of the remaining models. They introduce Clay Patrick McBride who has taken pictures of Jay-Z and worked for Rolling Stone and Revolver. He tells us that he's all about rock music and fire. Their goal is to give a compelling shot in a cyclone of fire. They will only have one chance to get the perfect shot. Then, some fire goes off behind the models, which scares them some more. Jonathan thinks that the back of his head got singed. Nicole takes Mountaha aside and tells her to be in control. Tyson advises the guys to blow Mountaha away so they can fight this out for themselves. Branden interviews that this will distinguish the men from the boys and "the woman from... the woman." College isn't in your future, is it, Branden?

They go to the changing area and a stylist says that she wants to see which of the guys will fit into a certain pair of pants. "Did someone call for a sample size?" asks Jonathan. Everyone laughs. That was pretty good. They also called for a model face, Johnny. Branden says that he's come a long way and wants to win the grand prize money. Mountaha says she loves fashion and is going to win. Can someone give this girl a little cover up when she's in an interview? She looks like my poodles just chewed on her chin.

Everybody looks like Adam Lambert. Jonathan's all in make-up and Clay says that he looks like David Bowie. He interviews that he's worried about being burnt. He'll get a countdown, then he has to nail his pose while the fire is going off. He says that he can't do one of his wacky poses and we see shots of him with his mouth opened. He wants to impress the photographer, but the judges are the ones who tell him if he's going home or not. He keeps it tame, but it looks pretty good. There's fire in front and behind him. He says that he thought about his kid and how he's a provider. He talks about that at least as much as Salome and the Mennonite stuff. I'm petitioning for a recall. Clay is really energetic. He says that Jonathan should have taken more risks. You KNOW the judges aren't going to appreciate his serenity in the photo, even though they were telling him he was over the top before. Never works that way. They'll apologize for killing his spirit then kick him off of our TV's. He's dead to me anyway. Fine.

Branden's up. He says that he's representing the US "strong and hard... well, maybe not hard." I'm not touching that... well, not that. He asks Clay if he should scream in Clay says that he shouldn't unless his screaming face is real pretty. Branden interviews that he don't give an eff, when he listens to rock music, he screams. So, he does. And, Clay is disappointed. He says that he gave him a heads up too, to no avail.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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