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Mountaha is nervous, because of the ugliness that happened when the explosions went off before. Clay preps her and tells her that she'll have a little time to prepare. She strikes this pose with one hand near her head. Afterwards, she says it felt amazing. Clay is very happy. He describes her photo as a diva pose where she let the fire come to her.

Sandhurst says that he knows that, if he wants this modeling contract, he has to bring something "awe-inspiring." He's wearing this crazy silver top hat and purple blush. He starts gyrating his hips at the beginning of the countdown and we hear him describing it in his interview concurrently. It's super climactic. He's swinging his arms and screaming. Clay loves it. He says that Sandhurst really went for it and it paid off. He's proud to have been a part of his photo. Sandhurst says, with the help of subtitles, "In Trinidad and Tobago, we have a saying...." Then, he says the saying and they stop subtitling. I didn't really need the subtitles when he said the first part. I have no idea what the saying was. Something about poon?

The next morning, Jonathan makes himself some eggs. Mountaha says that she didn't move in her photo, because she didn't want to chance it. Jonathan agrees and says that he'd rather not win the photo challenge, but still have a good picture. Sandhurst says that he moved and he seems a little nervous telling them. He says that he was trying to give the judges something they wouldn't expect. He hopes that it pays off.

Nicole arrives in a Crocodile Dundee hat with the photos. Clay chose a picture of Branden from the countdown when the fire wasn't full... and Branden wasn't screaming. He says that he's disappointed and worried. Jonathan is happy with his -- he feels like he had enough emotion in his eyes to make his safe pose compelling. Mountaha is happy with her shot; though she says that it shows her vulnerability, which I don't think is true. Sandhurst's is pretty awesome. He looks wild. His eyes seem electric. He's thrilled. Jonathan interviews that he's the guy who usually has the wild shots. He thinks that Sandhurst will have a hard time justifying his picture in front of the judges. Why? It's fire and rock n' roll. I think a sedate pose seems a little more out of place.

Here's the call from Cory! He wants to speak to... Sandhurst! Jonathan, who is getting seriously close to being catty, says that he "likes" Sandhurst's photo, but he thinks that he'll get frightened if he looks at it too long. Well, then mommy will give your binky and change your nappy, you wuss. Sandhurst didn't get a go-see, but something else. A surprise. All four of the models are booked for an assignment at Bloomingdale's, then they'll go to Cory's office. Doesn't seem quite fair that all of them win.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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