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Perou is wearing black and white cookie sunglasses. Marlon asks Jonathan about his photo. He explains that he was giving them the variety that they were asking for, though Jenny does partially say that bullshit, "I know we were saying this, but we weren't saying it." Marlon says that he's fine with the photo and Perou snaps that fine is not ENOUGH FOR A SUPERMODEL. However, he had a "flashback" and thought that his runway was like seeing the "real James Bond." Use your words, Perou. The ones that make sense. He thought Jonathan's catwalk was the best. Catherine really liked Branden on the catwalk. She thinks he's very fresh -- nothing classic about him. Perou asks him if he knows who Billy Idol is and he asks if he's a country singer. Probably not a bad comeback idea for ole Idol, but no. Well, Perou thinks he's making a Billy Idol face in his photograph. They tell him that he looked horrible in his screaming photos. But, he thought his catwalk was a vast improvement. Jenny thinks it's too late in the game to be "improving." She thinks he should have had an amazing photo and catwalk. Marlon tells Mountaha that she looks beautiful with the long hair and Jenny adds that the ability to transform is key for a supermodel. Now, the bad news. Perou thinks she made a mistake by standing still in her photo. He says a photographer might as well hire mannequins. However, Jenny says that she got lucky and her photo is very good. Catherine didn't like her walk -- it was stiff and broken. Ouch. Mountaha looks bruised and worried. Perou loves Sandhurst's photo and the fact that he took the judges' advice. However, he notes that Sandhurst didn't follow the photographer's direction. Sandhurst replies that he was angry about previous criticism and just wanted to release himself. Perou agrees. Sandhurst showed the director something that he didn't know he wanted which is, by definition in the fashion dictionary, really great modeling. Catherine felt that his catwalk was too generic. She reminds them that their dream should be to open or close a show.

Tyson says that the guys are all really strong. Nicole rallies for Mountaha and says that she has listened to all advice and has a unique look. It's time for the judges to jam. Jenny says that it's hard to send anyone home, since they're all talented. They all seem to like Sandhurst, though his runway doesn't get any raves. Perou thinks that Jonathan blew the photo shoot. Catherine thinks that he needs more instinct, which Marlon translates as "less English." Perou takes offense and says that his catwalk was great. They agree that Branden's photo is no good, but Jenny, Marlon, and Catherine give him credit for trying. Jenny thinks his failure was a sign of youth. Perou still doesn't seem to like him. Catherine says that, if they are trying to build a supermodel, Branden's learning curve is a great sign. Perou doesn't like Mountaha's photo, because she was so convinced that her pose was so great and only gave the photographer one photo. Catherine actually says that she was embarrassed by her walk! Double ouch. Marlon says that she has grown a lot, and Catherine concedes that she has a memorable face.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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