Make Me A Supermodel

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Queen for an Episode

The judges are back. Sandhurst is the winner! Tyson says that Jonathan looks like a moneymaker, but he's passionless. But, he's a finalist. It's down to Branden and Mountaha. She's already crying. Tyson grabs a book. Mountaha has improved, but can she improve further? Branden has natural talent and enthusiasm, but he needs maturity. Branden is... SAFE!!! Queen Mountaha's mouth drops open in shock and she starts bawling. Perou actually seems upset to see her crying. The guys are shocked and excited to see Branden. Tyson tells her to keep her chin up and she leaves. She interviews that modeling is everything to her and she's shocked by this outcome. She crouches to the floor and LOSES IT. Jonathan tries to console her but backs off. It's really uncomfortable. And, that's where we leave our Queen. Heh.

Jeff Long is wondering which Sears carries the $10 Ferragamo's. He can be reached at

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Make Me A Supermodel




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