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So, we start the week as usual by preparing for elimination. Somehow, Ben thinks there's no way he can go home. As a matter of fact, he's pissed that he's in the B3 instead of Shannon, whom he ludicrously believes himself superior to. "I just want her gone, dude," he whines to Ronnie, and I narrow my eyes in the anticipation of his ouster. Surely, I say to myself, no one would send home sweet Casey or hot frankie and leave us with this butthole who briefly lured us successfully with his faux-country charm. And yet, as usual, I am wrong. What's up, America? It was frankie's haircut, wasn't it? It sapped his power, Samson-style! He gets yanked, and I am UPSET. Ben's face as they prepare to receive the news gives me the impression that he has something up his sleeve prepared in response for when he receives his inevitable shove out the door. But we're not to find out this week -- frankie takes the news with grace and thanks the judges for the opportunity. "It's really meant a lot to me," he says, tearless, and strides hotly off the runway and out of my heart. I mean, yes, his personality grated, and he possibly is not smarter than a fifth grader, but...our love was real. As long as he wasn't talking. I had high hopes at the very beginning of the season, when I incorrectly thought they'd be teaching the contestants how to become successful models (rather than making them engage in dumb contests and games), because I feel like if someone really, really worked with frankie until he "got it," he'd be great at this job.

Back at the house, the remaining models have their little talk about who they'd like to see return. "I'd be happy if either one of them went home -- Casey or Frankie," Holly says. Perry grins, glad his little zoo crew has gotten under her skin. He says some bullshit about how the two of them are his boys and have each other's backs. "I don't think that, though," Holly says. "You guys talk about each other all the time." Perry uncomfortably denies that his "boys" badmouth each other. "You hear a lot of things that aren't even true," he says. "Or you just make stuff up." Sure. Holly says in an interview that the guys talk big about how they're friends, "but in the end, they'd step over each other's dead bodies." She is no doubt correct.

Casey comes in first -- he's wearing a crazy Sgt. Pepper/organ grinder's monkey coat by the way -- to half-hearted cheers. Ben receives an even more lukewarm reception. Well, it seems as though Ronnie is excited, but I assure you the bromance is dead. I can feel it.

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