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Shannon interviews that she's glad frankie's gone so she won't have to hear his laugh anymore: "It sounded like a cross between Fran Drescher, a dolphin and a blender." Oh, come on, now. To insult a blender like that...a faithful provider of margaritas. It's unnecessary. I'm disappointed, really, that Shannon would smack-talk on camera. I was thinking she was tactically avoiding that, but I guess frankie broke her. Upstairs, Ronnie and Ben continue to ponder the great mystery of Shannon. "I have no clue who Shannon is," Ronnie says, and Ben concurs. Who cares if you know who she is? You were just saying this morning how much you wanted to get rid of her. Why do we even have to know who she is? Believe me, the "supermodel" personalities we've seen in the last twenty years -- excluding Heidi Klum, of course, who is delightful -- are not personalities I want to know. Hello, I'm fine not knowing more about Naomi Campbell, and I am sure various assistants and maids have had that same thought as they dodged flying Nokias. In the girls' room, Shannon has decided that the final three models in the competition will be herself, Holly and "somebody else." I hope she's right.

Suddenly they are surprised by the arrival of Tyson, who has come to tell them they'll be throwing a party for Niki's birthday. Lots of important GQ people and other industry folks will be there, and Tyson implores them to "dress for success." The boys decide they'll write Niki a song for her birthday, which is so very cheesy, but kind of charming. Well, it would be if it weren't these jags. I cannot believe Ben is going along with this, but he appears to be into it.

Downstairs, Holly and Shannon are making a red velvet cake when Perry jokingly screeches down from above for them to be quiet. Shannon is so over him. She takes up an immediate counterwail of "pleeeease be quiiiiiet" to drown him out, and she wins. In an interview, she says that she's disappointed she's had to be in this contest with a number of jerks. "That's unfortunate," she says. The thing is, they wouldn't be so jerky, probably, if they'd just remember that they are on television. Am I fooling myself with that? I just think if they thought about it for one second, most of them would be too ashamed to be so dumb on film.

At the party site, the kids are happy to see and socialize with a bunch of the photographers they've worked with already, and the champagne gets to flowin'. Tyson leads a blindfolded Niki into the party. Her hands seem to be shaking as she takes it off, but she's very happy to hear everyone yell "Surprise!" The girls' cake looks pretty tasty and cute, and they have even included a little motorcycle on top, which is a nice touch -- apparently she and her husband, a NASCAR driver, are all about them.

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