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The last scene will be a late-night scene between two lovers. "Ahhh," the models say, probably scared to death. They will be paired up to stand in a doorway and act as though they are moments away from going off to somewhere totally private together. It's got to be hot, Manu says, and puts Holly and Casey together, to pretty much guarantee it won't be. Manu wants it to be a little rough and wants them to tease each other, but it's awkward. Perry stands by saying helpful things like "pick it up," and "grab that ass," but, shockingly, that doesn't help. Casey gets ejected, causing him to have kind of a mini-meltdown. His broods heavily as Ben steps in to replace him. "All I can do is have an insane catwalk," Casey says, all worried. Meanwhile, Ben "jokingly" says he thought the director was going to pick him and Ronnie to do this together. Oh, BEN. You are fooling no one, and I mean that so very seriously. You want a little safe taste of Ronnie, fine, I get that, but please don't think anyone is buying that you're really joking about it. Naturally, the director immediately puts them in the scene together. "Love you, baby," Ben says to his wife at home. "There's no need to kiss or anything like that," the director assures them, but Ronnie interrupts. "Don't say that," he laughs, and he and Ben get busy while everyone watches. It's pretty steamy, I must say, but really it's over the top with the roughness. Ronnie looks confused most of the time, which amuses me -- I'm telling you, the attraction part of this equation has reversed now. Ben feels Ronnie slipping from his grasp and he's doing this to hold on to him. Armchair psychology? Maybe, but all I can say is that I remember being twenty-two. Next, Holly and Ben steam it up. The director thinks they look good together and he casts them for the video. Now, in this scenario, I like Ben -- he looks awesome with Holly. The director thinks he did pretty well, but that he is tightly controlling himself at every moment, never really letting himself go. He's pleased with Holly, though she was pretty stiff at times. They're all dismissed for the night, and while everyone else applauds the director, Casey totally golf-claps him.

The next morning, Jennifer arrives to wake everyone up at 7:30 AM. They've been booked on a job. They arrive at Bloomingdale's, where they'll be working as brand ambassadors. Stephanie, the Bloomingdale's fashion director, tells them that they'll be walking the floors, exuding fun and fashion. They'll need to know what they're wearing, including the fabrics and the prices. They'll be having a go-see with her to test whether or not they look good in the clothes. In the dressing rooms, they get quick stats on the clothes, and go out in front of Stephanie to be quizzed on them. Everyone looks good in the clothes, of course. Ronnie, in his zeal to cover all the bases, identifies his vest as being a cotton/polyester blend. "Don't use the P word," Stephanie tells him, cringing. "That has a negative connotation." Ronnie: "Really?" Oh, come on. Don't tell me a gay man didn't know that. Ben starts off nervous, really, saying in the dressing rooms that selling stuff isn't his strong point. Um...In front of the fashion director, he pretty much goes out of his way to commit contest-suicide. "Is this something you would wear yourself?" Jennifer asks, testing him on customer interactions. Ben: "I don't dress up." Uh...I seriously have no words. Dude. Stephanie is a nice lady, and instead of dismissing him without hesitation as she would in probably any real-world situation, says he's a little stiff in the outfit and should change into another one. "If it's not 'you,'" she kindly says, "it's not going to work with the customer." Changing clothes, Ben tells the camera, oh-so-smugly, that he's having a hard time being natural. How is he supposed to be natural when he's selling something? "It's like a car salesman, you know?" he says, shivering with disdain. Oh, child.

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