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As they enjoy the models' performances at this task, Stephanie mentions to Jennifer that she feels badly about Ben. "But," she asks, "do you think he would have been able to handle this?" Jennifer says no. Meanwhile, Ben sits back in the office, reading a Bloomingdale's catalogue, and saying he doesn't really "give a shit." He tries to cover by saying he'd rather sit it out than make Bloomingdale's look bad, but really, he's just an ass. Back out on the floor, Ronnie is making eye contact and being engaging. Stephanie is impressed with all of them, really, and tells Jennifer that this is the best group of informal models she's ever had, and that she'd hire all of them. Jennifer actually looks quite proud to hear this, which I find strangely touching, especially considering how hard it must have been for her to maneuver her face into a position approximating an emotion. Back in the office, Stephanie says they were all great, but that Casey and Shannon were the best. Yay for Casey -- he looks so pleased to have succeeded at something. During all these congratulations, Ben stands by with his arms crossed, looking furious. I mean, does he think modeling is just about someone making you do weird stuff and making smoldery faces, and taking your photograph while you do it? That's called porn, not fashion modeling, and you're not even required to wear clothes for that at all, so maybe Ben should look into it if doing this job makes him so uncomfortable.

The next day they arrive at the catwalk to find out that they'll be wearing vintage clothing. GORGEOUS vintage clothing. Niki tells them that they should be trying to capture the essence of the clothes, and Holly's face lights up like a bulb. This is her thing right here. They'll each have two looks to model, and will have two walks. Shannon's out first in a flowing white number. She looks really beautiful, but I am not feeling her hair. Ben, whose clothes could make anyone look good, looks nonetheless nervous on his first pass. He attempts a little suavity at the end of the runway by pulling out his pocket watch to twirl it, but he flubs it. In his first walk, Ronnie looks fantastic in an ascot and vest, but goes a little too far with his studious approach and ends up walking slo-mo like a butler. Casey, right behind him, has been unfortunately styled to look like Michael Jackson circa 1936, in a red shirt, black hat and white gloves? Shamon, stylists. Not faring much better, Perry comes out looking like a bartender, right down to the garter on his sleeve. If he had a handlebar mustache, he could not have looked cheesier. It doesn't help either of them that Holly comes out last and completely demolishes everyone else, rocking a huge hat and looking like she just walked out of an old ad in Harper's. All the boys wear tuxes in their second walks and all look good, but Perry and Ronnie look smoking hot. Again, Holly outshines them all in a gorgeous gray dress. She leaves the panel with their mouths open, speechless.

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