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The Q & A is even more tedious now that there are fewer models. They are thrilled with Holly's performance in both the video look book and the catwalk. Cory is still a little concerned with her overall "presence," which when I think about it is a valid critique. Maybe with some elocution lessons, Holly could overcome the heavy accent. Tyson asks Perry, noticing that he and Shannon have been bumping heads a lot, if he sees Shannon as his competition. Perry says he does, but if it came down between the two of them, he feels like he would win. Jennifer reminds him that Bloomingdale's considered Shannon one of their top choices, and that Perry was too animated. Shannon, when asked, says she feels like she can do everything better than Perry and do it with a lot less cockiness. Here's Perry's chance to appear less cocky...too bad he can't manage to stay quiet even for a second. The panel brings up the thing about how they don't really "know" Shannon, and she says well, she likes to give every job her all, and do it in a subtle way. Ronnie receives wide praise for his elegance on the second walk -- the first one, however, Jennifer says was too "English butler." She and Cory agree that it sucked, but the second one was great. Niki tells Casey his walk was so much better, but reminds him that the video director wasn't into him. He explains that, once again, he got really wrapped up in his head during the challenge. "Argh," Niki says, "that thinking." Heeeeee. I know what she means, sure, but admonishing someone for thinking is so funny.

Wow, Ben can't rise above his dumbassery of the Bloomingdale's thing. He says he felt like a salesperson, rather than a model. "Isn't modeling kind of being a salesperson?" Cory asks slowly so he could understand. Tyson gets his little grin on his face. "Let me ask you something," he says. "Do you want to do this?" Ben mumbles something, all shruggy, about how yeah, but it's up to America to vote him off. Tyson is not impressed with his attitude. Cory says that now, in week nine, other models with better attitudes are sitting at home right now. Ben gets his Southern Boy yes ma'am eyes out again, and says full of innocence that he doesn't think he has a bad attitude. Tyson is flabbergasted. Niki says that if she and Tyson had gone on a job and acted like he did at Bloomingdale's, they would have never been booked for another job. Ben loses his cool. "What do you want me to do about it, man?" he asks. "It's like every week I'm gonna be back in the fucking bottom." At the drop of the F bomb, Tyson has to hiss his displeasure. The models all look alarmed and Niki dismisses everyone quickly.

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