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Previously: Branden, Jonathan, and Sandhurst have made it all this way. In the next hour, one of them will be a supermodel! Tyson will have to say a new line! Is he really ready for this?

It's the last morning that we'll be peeking into the condos across the street from my gym. There's a bunk bed that has been packed away. The guys are waking up and Branden interviews excitedly that he's in the finale and he's "one third away from $100,000." [One third of what? A mile? A furlong? - Zach] He finds the clue for the photo challenge. It reads that being a supermodel can make you an "instant success." They have to take the subway to 2nd Street and Avenue A. Is there a photo studio there? I can only think of bars. Hopefully, they're getting drunk for this, their final challenge. None of them are even concerned with trying to figure this one out. For real, though. Polaroids? Tang? Who knows? It could be anything. Sandhurst interviews that he just wants this experience to happen the way that it's supposed to happen. That's a pretty good attitude. You know, I really like Sandhurst. He's been a really fun presence on my TV this spring. Jonathan and Branden witness him doing a little dance to himself, and Jonathan says that's Sandhurst's "happy dance." Branden responds by dancing his own happy dance down the hallway and punctuating it by clicking his heels in midair.

The boys leave the condo and walk past my gym! I think you can see me crying in there. Branden interviews that he has surprised himself -- he thought he would be going home earlier. He says "let the best man win" then silently points at himself. Sandhurst doesn't want to lie -- of course he saw himself in the finals. He's going to keep on trucking until the confetti drops. That was the same advice that I got from Bernadette, a lady I waited tables with at a diner when I was in college. Jonathan reminds us that he has a kid, which fuels all of his underwear-modeling aspirations. It's nothing about vanity, folks. It's all about the kid.

They arrive at a church-looking place and get buzzed in. Tyson and Nicole are waiting for them. Tyson greets them and congratulates the three guys for being the final people standing, though modeling is a female-dominated industry. He says that he's proud of them, and Nicole rolls her eyes and says that she's proud, too, which gets a laugh. She says their shoot is going to be easy today-- no "octopi" (fancy word!), no freezing water, and no fire. Wow -- it's like this show was Make Me A Navy SEAL. Tyson introduces this week's photographer, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. Wow. This guy is huge. His work is in the collections of MOMA, the Whitney, and the Met. Tyson says that he's shot everyone from "porn stars to presidents" and Branden's face lights up. I don't think it's because Timothy has met Jimmy Carter.

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