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Jonathan says that they felt that they were in the presence of someone great. He's taking their photos with this amazingly huge Polaroid camera. Dude, I got that. It makes a 20-inch by 24-inch photo in 5 minutes. There are only 5 cameras like this in the world. Wow. Branden muses on how lucky they are and that someone would kill to be in his position. He adds that he would kill someone to be in his position, were he not already in his position. Timothy says that these photos really show who a person is. There's no retouching, and they just need to be themselves. Tyson says that no one will be declared the photo winner this week. The judges will pick a winner. They will shoot a close-up, a body-length photo, and a group shot.

Sandhurst is up first. He's shirtless, and Timothy asks him to lean forward as he sits on a stool. With a review of the photo challenge shots that he's taken flashing across the screen, Sandhurst interviews that, for now, he's tossing out all of the criticism he has heard and he's going to be himself. The process for the camera is amazing. It's really like a giant Polaroid camera. Timothy loves the result. He remarks that Sandhurst's face is perfect. He tells us that he tries to reach in and find who a person is and he feels that he did that with Sandhurst. It is really nice. Sandhurst interviews that the show has helped him get over his insecurities. He's now confident that he can "just deliver." That little chestnut means nothing to me, but I'm glad he's got something.

Jonathan's next and walks onto the set shirtless with that Popeye arm walk. Seriously, Jon, you're a fit guy, we get it. I am positive that your arms can comfortably rest at your side. Try it. Why is he irking me all of a sudden? Don't win, Jonathan. We see his photo challenge pics. They aren't showing the first one, when they're all in the suspended plastic box. There's Jon's ass, with the scarf. Timothy poses him then says that he messed up right before he takes the photo, in order to get realness from Jonathan. The picture is really special. Timothy says that you can see Jonathan's sweetness and he doesn't overdo things in front of the camera. Jonathan says that the innocence he sees in his photo is something that he tries to hide, because he has always looked at the trait as a little bit of a weakness. That's interesting.

Branden is up and they actually show his first shot during the review. The shot from his first gay rodeo. He says that the finale is a sprint to the finish, and he believes that he's faster than the other guys. Timothy poses him and takes the shot. It's beautiful. Christ almighty, Branden is so good-looking. Oh my God. Timothy says that Branden's got it. He adds that most models have one really good angle, but Branden's got several. He even tells Branden that his photo is better-looking than he is in real life!

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Make Me A Supermodel




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