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Sandhurst is back for his full-length shot. He's dressed and stands in first position and bends over to the left. Just watching it, he looks kind of goofy, but the photo is really interesting. Branden is next. Timothy asks him to stretch his mouth open, then relax it. Interesting little hint for all of you tense-mouthed folks out there. Branden says that he thinks his photo is supermodel level. Jonathan is next. Timothy asks him to hold in his stomach. I don't even know what to make of that. Why? So you can see his spinal cord from the front? Jon says that he just tried to make the clothes look like they belong to him. For the group shot, they are all in white shirts and black accessories. Sandhurst is sitting with Branden and Jon flanking him. It's a cool photo. Timothy says that it's a flawless photo. [Sounds like somebody has a high opinion of his work. Of course, he is in the Met. - Z]

They all go back to the condo and go to sleep. At 6:30 the next morning, Cory Bautista wakes them with a phone call. He tells them that they are all going on a go-see to "one of the most prestigious names in the biz." Cosmopolitan. The magazine. One of the most prestigious names in the biz. The magazine that has quizzes for women to figure out if their best friends are trying to murder them or whether or not they administer oral sex with the proper flair. One of the most prestigious names in the biz. Jonathan hold in his laughter and says that his wife and sister read the magazine... it's world renowned! Also, Jonathan has a feather collar on his coat. That's effed. As they are getting ready, Sandhurst mumbles, "Victory is mine" under his breath. Jon replies, "Not if I can stop you." [Easy, Lex Luthor. - Z]

Kate White, the woman who usurped Helen Gurley Brown and is therefore a natural enemy of fun and having it all, introduces her design director Ann Kwong (who is tiny tiny!!), fashion director Michelle McCool, and photographer Marc Baptiste. She explains that they've had guys on the cover, too, like Matt Damon. This shoot is going to be a cover test.

They start with Jonathan. He walks in front of the lights and strikes his pose. Michelle laughs that he doesn't need any direction and he says, "This is what I do." That's kinda gross. He's stiff and Ann keeps asking him to loosen up. He interviews that this is the first time he's felt that he didn't perform well enough. He likens his situation to being stuck in neutral searching for first gear. He does one shot with his hand in his pocket and Kate deems it too feminine, but he reminds her that he's British. Kate later says that Jon needed to loosen up -- he posed too much.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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