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Branden is next, and Marc says that he's looking good from the first frame. He keeps urging Branden to "get that girl!" Kate says that Branden is "dreamy" and has a great future. Sandhurst is next and is a little stiff at first. Marc calls him to the camera and urges him to get sexy. He loosens up a little, then Marc has him take his shirt off. The girls go wild! Kate laughs to him afterwards that he was much more relaxed with his shirt off.

Afterwards, Kate offers all of them a critique. She tells Sandhurst that he's great for both fashion and lifestyle, but his eyes can be a bit vacant. She tells Branden that he did the best at balancing fun and fearless. She tells Jonathan that he was stiff. He interviews that he screwed the pooch on the worst possible day for pooch screwing. She wishes them luck and they leave.

At the condo, there are personalized invitations waiting for them. Branden reads his aloud and pronounces cordially as "cordally." He rushes over it, too. He doesn't know that word. He's from Oregon, right? I'm calling their Board of Education tomorrow. Anyway, they're invited to a gallery opening. They are on the guest list, plus one. He's confused by this. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It's Branden's mom!!! They're so excited to see each other. This is probably the longest they've been apart, considering he's only 18. He shows her the suit he bought at Bloomie's and she asks, "You... you have money?" He explains the shopping spree to her and also shows her the scarf he got for her. She seems thrilled, and Sandhurst remarks at how happy he looks giving her something. Branden interviews that he loves his mom. He says that his father was a coward. He left them when he was born and now he wants to have a son so he can be the father that he never had. He says that he thinks he'll do a great job.

Devonne, Sandhurst's sister, enters the condo. When she and Sandhurst see each other -- screaming. They're fun. She's flown all the way from Trinidad to see him. He makes a joke about how she's gotten all dressed up to be cute on TV. Jon looks around forlornly and wonders if anyone has come for him. After all we've heard about this damn wife and baby, they better be right outside. They are! Wow, cute baby! Jonathan runs and hugs them gently. Lots of kissing. Jude, the baby, is walking now.

They all pile into limos. They go to a gallery, where photos of the three guys are on display. Nicole and Tyson are there. Nicole holds Jude and says that he must be thinking, "Ooh, pretty girl." She JUST said that! I'm not even kidding. Then, she says that the kid peed his pants, like that's something that babies shouldn't do. Branden and his mom, Diane, come into the gallery and are totally excited. Most of the photographers from the show are there, as well as the judges. Branden gives Perou a hug and says that he never thought he would be with him. Awkward sentence. Not one to just be nice, Perou replies, "What do you mean? You've never been with me." Diane looks at all of the photos of Branden and seems pretty shocked. She doesn't even recognize him in the candy shoot picture. Finally, she's like, "Oh my gosh, my son's a supermodel!"

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Make Me A Supermodel




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