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Perou says that he's confused now because all of them are very strong. He says that whoever doesn't win should know that it was a close contest. Cory Bautista is there and says that he will be happy to represent any one of them. Dude, you can give them all contracts.

The judges confer. Catherine feels that Branden was transformed into a man. Marlon thinks that, because he apparently took some bad pictures a few weeks ago that I can't remember, he's not ready yet. No no no, says Catherine. Branden is just at the beginning of his career. He just revealed himself tonight. I love you, Malandrino! She makes modeling sound like swans and water fountains. Perou said that he thought Sandhurst would win when he first saw his photos. Jenny comments that he peaked too soon. He was always good, but they couldn't get him to be excellent. She loves his fire photo, but feels that he's too aware of his body. Matthew agrees and says that it looks mannered. He lacks spontaneity. Catherine says that Jonathan is very consistent. They all loved his runway. Matthew says he was the best tonight on the runway. Marlon thinks that Jonathan is a sure thing. Jenny thinks that his photos are good, but he's just another handsome man in them. Matthew adds that he'll work, but he's ultimately forgettable. Marlon says that, based on portfolios, he'd pick Jonathan. But, then there's Branden's photo with Timothy. Matthew says that were it not for that photo, he wouldn't choose Branden. But it is, and he would. Perou says that, again based on the book, he'd pick Sandhurst. Wow, they actually seem honestly confused. This is good.

So, I'm at odds with America. The text poll thing has Jonathan in the lead for the win, with Branden as the loser. I just honestly think that Branden is the most big-time model-like of the bunch. The judges are back. Tyson's got the book! Again, $100,000, a one-year contract with New York Model Management, and a Cosmo shoot. Sandhurst is mesmerizing, Branden is a man now, and Jonathan is consistent. Jonathan is... not going to be supermodel! They have confidence in his ability to work, though. He leaves the catwalk. Backstage, he sits as we hear an interview. He has no regrets, and he guesses he's just not a supermodel right now. Back onstage, Branden... they CAN make you a supermodel!!!! I knew it! Confetti! Here's looking at you, Bernadette! Branden looks stunned, then hugs Sandhurst. Tyson gives blessings to Sandhurst, who goes backstage and hugs Jonathan. Jonathan says, "The kid did well," which I think is really nice. Everybody hugs Branden as he interviews that he brought the real Branden out and kicked ass. "Ladies, I'm here." Onstage, Nicole says, "Let me get next to my husband," and hugs on him. OK, so I loved this show so much! Who knew? I hope all of you have liked it as well. Thank you very much for reading!

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Make Me A Supermodel




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