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You thought Bravo could create only one supermodel? Well, no. They're bigger than that. It's Season 2! 16 people with "one dream" will be competing for a year's representation with New York Model Management, a "fashion pictorial" in Cosmopolitan (heh) and $100,000. One of the 16 is a guy who remembered his scarf but forgot to wear ANYTHING ELSE. But, you really can't blame him. Clothes can be so annoying. We're told via voiceover that the show has assembled a masterful panel to help with the making of the supermodel. The panel of judges consists of international model scout and manager Marlon (just the one name), supermodel Jenny Shimizu, fashion photographer Perou (again, only one name), and fashion designer Catherine Malandrino. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! And it begins now!

The credits roll by. All of the models are "super"-sized and stepping on New York, which is a metaphor for the viewers' self-image. Nice-looking bunch. There's that guy, Colin, who keeps telling us on the promos that he's a 21-year old virgin. Even after being on a show about models? Still a virgin? I'm assuming that spot was shot after the show. He's just not trying if he's still a virgin. And there's our dashing host, Tyson Beckford. No Nikki Taylor this year. We've got Nicole Trunfio. Not familiar.

We meet Mountaha who tells us that she loves being a model and this opportunity means the world to her. She's from Brazil and is a sales associate. Wow, Mountaha's face does NOT pause well. She's dressed like Inspector Gadget. There's Colin. He's a 21-year old virgin who has never gotten "much attention from the girls." Perhaps it's because the weight of the responsibility of taking the virginity that you can never stop talking about? Chris is 22 and is androgynous, which he sees as an advantage. Truth be told, he's a cute guy but a GORGEOUS woman. He's like a young Blythe Danner. Branden is 18 with a big beautiful nose -- he tells us that, when he becomes a supermodel, he plans enjoying all of the "ladies."

Jordan, a 21-year old redhead, tells us that, she was surprised to find that the address where she was told to go was not where they would be living. Tyson is standing in the middle of a street under a giant red box that is being held by a crane. Jonathan, a 26-year old Brit, tells us that the girls don't seem as strong as the boys. They have some "work" to do.

Tyson says, "Welcome to New York, Guys!" He has been working on that. Out of thousands, these are the 16 who have made it through. Over the course of 12 "highly competitive weeks," they will see who has what it takes to be made into a supermodel. And, he's not going to be a judge this year. No, Tyson will be "mentoring the gentlemen." The guys seem pleased. And, not for nothing, but the virgin seems happiest. Chris, the androgynous guy, is happy too. He interviews that, in the world of male modeling, Tyson is "the cherry on the sundae." He's a sweet garnish? Like, there's this whole great industry and he's a little perk? You don't make sense, Chris. And, you're so skinny it's making me nervous.

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