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Tyson reminds them that the challenge is to create an intimate moment in public. He adds that they'll be wearing lingerie for the challenge. Branden hangs his head, which is entirely visible and readable to Chris and makes me feel a little bad for him. He's all "Aw fuck!" in his interview. Tyson leads the guys away, while Nicole takes the girls to hair and makeup.

Montage of nakedness. Kerryn (?) says to Salome that she can't believe lingerie is first. Salome comforts her by suggesting that this will make them comfortable for the inevitable naked challenge. Laury says that she's looking forward to the naked challenge, because she looks good naked. Salome tells us that she grew up as a Mennonite, which she describes as "Amish with cars and electricity." She tells us that she is prepared to go "pretty much naked" in order to be a supermodel. The pull of the fashion world is stronger than any cloistered religious community. Resistance is futile!

Ken says that, if the Plexiglas box falls, it will be with him and the virgin inside. Colin replies that they are the "two heaviest dudes," but Colin is a toothpick. Ken is beefy and healthy, but is about twice the weight of any of the guys there. Fatty! CJ tells us that she likes Jordan. And that she's bisexual. She goes further to explain that she finds women sexually attractive. You mean, besides just having sex with them, you also find them attractive? Thanks for clarifying there, CJ.

Tyson preps Sandhurst in the box by asking him if he's had breath mints. Nicole warns Mountaha to not let Sandhurst overpower her in the shot. They are raised in the box above the crowd. Mountaha says that she thinks being from Brazil has helped her, since they are more comfortable with their bodies. Perou screams at them from a megaphone to change poses every time he takes a picture. He tells us that Sandhurst is very good at shapes, while Mountaha is attempting some very interesting shapes. It's harder for her though, because Sandhurst is so good.

Branden, who is having his hair done, asks Tyson if they're gonna make him look gay. "No!" reassures Tyson. They would never put him in a "predicament." He should just listen to Perou's instructions. Salome and Gabe are next. Salome is working it. She interviews that her mom would freak out if she saw her now. Well, to be fair, she did name her daughter after a stripper from the Bible. Gabe says that Salome has a killer face, but "until she tones up her body" doesn't think she'll be a major threat. Wow. Salome doesn't really look fat to me. Perou suddenly asks Tyson if Gabe has wood. Tyson laughs and says that it does appear that Gabe has "a little package going." Laughs around, though Gabe doesn't hear them. He could be all, "That's my lip balm." Amanda and Kerryn who are in full on bordello gear, are stunned by the display. After they're done, Perou tells us that it felt voyeuristic photographing them, which was the goal.

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