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After the shoot, Tyson tells them that they can go to their apartment. They make their way in and immediately make themselves at home. Branden thinks that it's "so good put together." Oregon, what's the problem? He's practically feral. They find a card from Tyson welcoming them. They have a champagne toast, as models do.

They go around and introduce themselves. Sandhurst tells us that he's originally from Tobago and is a classically trained ballet dancer. He interviews that ballet training is his advantage. Shawn tells us that he has been married to a man for seven years. We see raised eyebrows from both Branden and Colin. He adds that he's never been around so many straight people in his life and jokingly asks them to be nice. Salome gives her Mennonite story. She apparently told her parents that she was leaving a month before she started this show. They think she's going to hell.

The next morning, Nicole shows up. She has a bunch of books with her. She hands out the chosen shots for all of the teams. Jordan says that she thinks Sandhurst is a threat. Branden says that he outshined Chris because he showed his "bod." Touché. Seriously though, the boy is hot. Shawn says that he likes his arm, chest, and Karen's legs from their photo. Salome loves her photo. Amanda doesn't like the photo of her and Kerryn. Colin doesn't like his photo and is expecting the worse.

Nicole tells the models that the winner of the photo challenge each week will get to go on a go-see. Cory Bautista from New York Model Management will be calling every week to tell who the winner was and who they will be go seeing. Suddenly, the phone rings. He would like to speak to... Salome! She won the shoot. She says she can't believe "the fat girl won." Her go-see is at Catherine Malandrino. She asks Nicole what to do. She says she has to choose one girl to go with her. Salome says aloud she doesn't want to choose someone who will beat her. Mennonites are apparently so old school that they don't use their heads for holding thoughts -- they just spill out. She chooses CJ and says, ALOUD, that she thinks that she can beat CJ. Everyone is stunned. Amanda says that everyone wants CJ to win after that comment.

They take a cab to the go-see and CJ says she's intimidated because Salome is 6'1" and she's only 5'8", which is pretty tall in normal parlance. They meet Jon James, who is Catherine Malandrino's casting director. He says that he looks for confidence in a walk. The girls try on CM's clothes. Salome says that the clothes were detailed and beautiful. Malandrino's store in the Meatpacking District is pretty awesome. They walk for Jon. He tells CJ that she's a catalog model because she's so short. Salome has the goods, but her walk is contrived. They leave, dejected. Salome says that she is learning that it's hard to be a supermodel.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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