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Back at the apartment, CJ tells some of the models that the go-see was a waste of time. Jordan tells her that she should have gone in with confidence -- this girl knows a lot about how everyone else should be. Salome comes in and tells them that her walk sucks. Jordan interviews that it is "too bad, so sad" that Salome didn't book the job.

Cory Bautista arrives to measure the models. They have to strip down to their underwear or a bathing suit. I want to go to there. Cory says that it's important for him to know how their bodies are doing. Exactly how does one get his job? Colin says that Sandhurst, Jonathan, and Gabe have the best bodies in the house. They make him want to go to the gym right now. I don't even want to finish this weecap. I'm doing Pilates right now.

He starts with Amanda, who is on the really skinny side of healthy. He tells her that she has a "pretty decent" body, especially for just having had a child. What the? She interviews that she has a 10-month-old son. She lost the weight after the first month. That is fucking wild. Models are crazy. He asks CJ if her boobs are natural and is surprised when she says that they are. Because, who would lie in front everyone of like that? He asks Mountaha why her 26-1/2 inch waist is so huge and not skinny and Brazilian. I don't know from women's measurements, but that doesn't seem enormous. She says that she has been working on it... but not for too long. Seriously, if Jonathan even overslept he would die of starvation. NO BODY FAT. Cory tells Salome that she has "ga-dunk-a-dunk." She thinks that her ass makes her special, like J. Lo. Branden's chest is 39 inches, which is a good size. He tells Ken that he's too big. Not too fat! God forbid anyone think he's calling them fat. No, he's saying that he's too muscular. He points out the "cut up" bodies of Gabe, Jonathan, and Sandhurst (a three-part recipe for self-loathing, but for reals) -- he needs to be like that. Ken says that he is a personal trainer and knows how to lose weight, he just doesn't like being 175 pounds. Chris has a 37-inch chest and Cory tells him to gain weight. Wow. Colin has a 36-1/2 inch chest. Oops. He's embarrassed. Cory tells him to work on his pecs... and abs. This boy is skinny. Cory says that he knows this advice is coming from someone shaped like a Teletubby, but stops when it seems like Colin is agreeing with his self-description. Kerryn interviews that Colin's Clark Kent persona is very cute.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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