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Cory wishes them luck at their first catwalk and elimination. Jordan says she's ready for the competition to get started. The next day, Tyson tells them that the judges will be judging their walk, turn, and pose during the catwalk competition. The winner will have immunity in the next week. The loser will be eliminated. The guys will be wearing clothes "inspired by" Alexander McQueen and Prada. The girls will be wearing clothes "inspired by" Zac Posen and Gianfranco Ferre. Hair and makeup.

The judges convene and watch the runway. Everyone looks pretty good and the clothes are fabulous. Branden's walk is a little weird. He interviews that he's been waiting his "whole life" for this. Shawn's hair is stupid. And he's a touch Zoolander. Chris' walk is pretty wan. He interviews that he was just trying to look confident. I'm kinda rooting for CJ now that she's the short, squat underdog. Ken says that he's an anomaly because he's a fashion model who isn't into fashion. He's far too big for his clothes, though he's very handsome. But, check out that onion! Really nice bootie. Kerryn has a giant hood, but she still works it. Sandhurst walks really fast! Jordan looks amazing. Her pose at the end of the catwalk is that hunched shoulder couture thing. It looks really good. Colin comes out and looks kind of adorable. He interviews that he has never thought of his walk as particularly good-looking, but it has never had to be good-looking before. That's funny.

Afterwards, the models return to the catwalk. He introduces Marlon, Jenny Shimizu, Perou, and Catherine Malandrino. He calls Chris, Jordan, Ken, Salome, Colin, and Sandhurst. Everyone else is safe. They leave the catwalk. The models who remain are the best and the worst.

Marlon says that Chris needs confidence. Perou thinks that he lacks vitality. He replies without vitality. They ask Sandhurst what he's thinking when he walks. He says that he tries to be masculine, graceful, and confident. Perou says that Colin's walk resembled a dog in a car. Catherine tells him that he has a poetic side -- he's a dreamer. She thinks he should try for "effortless." They don't like Ken. Catherine thinks he has no charm. Marlon asks him if he has anything to say. "No, I do not." Bye, Ken. They love Jordan. Salome too, though Catherine wonders if the dress is doing most of the work.

Marlon asks Tyson if he has anything to say for the guys. He says that he thinks Colin has potential. The judges deliberate. Perou starts by deliberating on "Christine/Chris." I'm starting to find his machismo annoying. You're British, dude, you got no room to talk. Yeah, I said it. They think that Colin took criticism well. Perou still thinks that Ken is the Hulk. Jenny and I are on the same page though -- she likes Ken's ass. Jenny says that Jordan looked more beautiful the longer that she looked at her. They find Salome a bit smug. Perou says that Sandhurst was his second choice for winner of the photo competition.

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