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The judges return to the catwalk. Tyson reads the results. Salome is safe. The winner of the catwalk is... Jordan! She's thrilled. She interviews that everyone needs to watch out for her. Especially in that dress. She could take out a class of kindergartners in that thing. Sandhurst, of course, is safe. Colin, who looks incredibly nervous, is safe. The girls backstage are thrilled that he's still around. Tyson picks up a portfolio and walks to Ken and Chris. He tells Ken that, though classic in looks, his walk was stiff. Chris is different, but the judges wonder if he has versatility. "Ken, here is your book. I'm sorry, we cannot make you a supermodel." Chris wanly thanks everyone and leaves. Ken says that he has no regrets. This season may turn out to be a perfect confection!

Jeff Long will be cut up just like Jonathan, Sandhurst, and Gabe by season's end. He promises. He can be reached at

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Make Me A Supermodel




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