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Meet The Models

The remaining twenty-four contestants, after those other losers left crying, feel like they have got it made in the shade. They cheer when Niki congratulates them for making it so far. "But," she says, and their faces fall, "there are only fourteen places." Snap.

A few days later, Niki and Tyson meet up with the agency folks to make the final cuts. There's some confusing editing here, and please, please God tell me it got all spliced funny, because um, it appears that Tyson says he doesn't think FRANKIE has "got it." That cannot be right. FRANKIE.

David says he thinks Jay, one of the guys from Atlanta, is cute, but that he's not really model-cute; he's boyfriend-cute. They still all love Jacki, and think that Karl's profile is good, but his straight-on is terrible. Evil. So, now they must pick three guys and three girls for an online vote. I am sad to say that for the three guys, two of whom will not make it to the next round, the vote was between Igor, Ben, and Josiah! All of whom I love! On the ladies' side: Katy; that tan girl; and another brunette. What? I'm gonna be rooting for Katy, people. And I can clearly pick a winner, because she makes it, along with Ben. I will miss you, Igor and Josiah. And uh, you, too, tan girl and...other.

So, there you have it. Thursday, the competition begins!

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