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Previously: The models had to look like athletes while being made-up to resemble partially dressed clowns. Kerryn is getting up in Colin's junk, while Gabe is attempting to get in Amanda's. Amanda won the challenge and is getting on everyone's nerves, especially Jordan's. Kerryn won immunity. Karen and Gabe (again!) were in the bottom two and Karen went home.

Tyson tells me that Maggie Rizer is sitting in for Catherine Malandrino this week. I love Maggie Rizer! It's morning time at the condos across the street from my gym, and a fully dressed Sandhurst tells the other models that there is a message for them on the computer. I thought it was a rule that the computer was checked each morning while naked. Sandhurst has no sense of history. The other boys and Laury seem to have a little more respect for the show and have the decency to show up at the computer while scantily clad. It's a video message from Tyson. Fancy. He tells them that he just got booked in London, so he's not going to be here for this challenge. [What, is everybody out of town? - Zach] He adds that a couple of the models will be making trips of their own, so he tells them to pack a bag to take to the photo challenge. Intriguing.

Nicole is waiting for the models when they arrive at a studio for the photo challenge. She tells them that Tyson has asked another model to replace him for this challenge. It's Michael Bergin! They show pictures of him as Nicole explains who it is. Ah, the '90s. Then, she pauses for a drum roll effect before he comes out. We just saw his pics, Nicole. I hope the models appreciated that. This is the dude who wrote the tacky tell-all about Carolyn Bissette Kennedy after she died. I thought that was sort of crappy. Shawn, of course, is the one model who seems to know exactly who Bergin is. It makes sense, Michael Bergin is like the Palmolive Lady for gays. He tells them that he is going to be mentoring the guys this week. I'm so glad they won't be alone.

Nicole begins the introduction for the challenge photographer, stating that her work has appeared in "many international titles." Her name is Indira Cesarine, which is completely not her birth name. This lady's name is Tracy Wilson. Seriously, look at her. No way her name is Indira. But, here comes "Indira." She tells the models that they need to let their inner selves shine and are going to be working with someone they know "very well." Ooh, I wonder if it's a mirror. Jordan interviews that she hopes she doesn't get paired with Amanda, because she hates "whiners." I get it, Amanda's a pill. Relax, Jordan. And... she pulls out a mirror. She says that she isn't looking for "pretty." Instead, she wants to see "memorable, confrontational and raw."

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