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Salome interviews that she doesn't like to share her life with people, because then they know how to hurt you. That's sad. You can't live like that, Salome, all closed off. You have to be open to the world and other people -- you just need to learn how to exact revenge when they cross you. Man, these things just spill out of me. Watch out, Jerry Springer's bodyguard, who inexplicably is on my TV for an hour a day. Nicole explains that there will be two winners for this week's challenge, and the winners will have a chance to walk in Montreal Fashion Week. Montreal Fashion Week! Montreal Fashion Week? Really? Is that for housebound designers who can't make it to New York? No offense, Canadia. It just seems awfully close. Is there a Washington D.C. Fashion Week? That would be sort of the equivalent to me. The models are thrilled with the prize. Laury says that Fashion Week is huge (no matter where it is). Anyway, the winning models will go to Montreal and audition to walk in a show that evening. Branden interviews that this is huge and he has to win.

It's mentoring time. Nicole tells the girls that they need to expose something, like a secret. Michael tells the guys that they need to be "in touch" with themselves and "bring out what [they're] feeling inside." Watch out, ladies. Cecil B. DeMille here is going to take these guys right to the top. Then, they do a hands-in cheer thing and scream, "Go guys!" It's humiliating. Nicole tries to make it seem like it was somehow masculine by rolling her eyes and saying that they're "such men."

They begin the shoot. Jonathan goes first and interviews that he has come close to receiving immunity two weeks in a row. That's not enough, though -- they're looking for "a supermodel, not an average model." Amazing. I can't add anything to that. There are multiple levels of perfection in that statement, and the world is cotton candy and mud baths. He tells Indira that he recently lost a friend and has a lot of stuff "kicking around." She puts him in this hall of mirrors set and asks him to emote. Not a lot of stuff seems to be coming out. Maybe he merely lost his friend in a mall? Michael Bergin has a heart-to-heart with Jonathan and tells him to bring his emotion to his eyes. Then, and this is so uncomfortable, he tells him that he should act like his friend is in the mirror. See, this confuses me. Are you supposed to be reacting to your reflection like it's your friend or making your reflection look like your friend? Modeling is so fucking hard. Jonathan says that he discovered that he still has some emotions bottled up. So, he's going to explore avenues to find out how to deal with those emotions. Indira says that he was able to reveal a "protective" side. They show one of the shots and I see absolutely nothing protective in the shot. I see pretty gold blonde man. No protective.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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