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Sandhurst is next -- he tells us that he has hang-ups about his reflection. He tells Indira and Michael that, when he was 18, he tried to break into modeling but had a flare-up of keloid scars. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT Wikipedia that shit. You will so regret it. So Sandhurst thought that he couldn't model, and the mirror brings back that insecurity. Indira and Michael tell him he has beautiful skin now, but he's still pretty guarded during his shoot. He interviews that he knows he wasn't very good.

Indira asks Gabe if he considers himself a James Dean-type, mostly because he's sitting with his same blank stare. This dude does not learn. He's incredibly hot, but I'm ready to cut him loose. He interviews that he doesn't really show emotion. He had a great childhood, but then his father unexpectedly died of a brain tumor. He didn't even cry at his funeral. See, that seems like a problem you'd have before the death of your father. Michael asks him to scream and stuff and he is so flat and weird. He interviews that he felt really uncomfortable during the shoot.

Indira tells CJ to play with the mirror, and she replies, "Play with the mirror?" My first instinct is that she's going to completely bomb at this, but Indira likes what she's getting. Nicole tells her that she looks gorgeous and she "really opened up." Surprising. Branden asks Kerryn where Montreal is. "Canada?" Apparently, the presence of a father in the home is necessary to learn simple geography. Indira asks him what he wanted to be as a child -- a firefighter. He interviews that not having a father was difficult because "you need that manly side," not to mention the geography lessons. Indira has him run and look at the mirror like a fireman and it's awesome.

Laury stares in a hand-held mirror and her body language is really beautiful. Salome says, "I'm so scared of being in the bottom!" and grabs Mountaha, who tries to comfort her. Salome repeats in her interview that she was raised Mennonite, and her family thinks she's going to hell, so she has a lot of hurt inside. "If she wanted emotion, she got emotion." Nicole seems really impressed with her. Jordan tells Indira that she wants to feel "confident and intense and sexy." She's going to have to dig really deep to find those hidden, secretive emotions. Indira decides to take the easy route and asks her to show emotion. Nicole tries to help her by asking her to look "happy, sad, angry." This is so confusing. Jordan can't get it. She's stuck at "Look at my pretty party dress." Nicole and Indira are not happy. Nicole says that the challenge is not about beauty, it's about character and emotion. Jordan never gets it. She interviews that she is one of the strongest models in the house, but you can screw yourself by messing up once. This would certainly qualify.

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