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Before her shoot, Amanda is sitting silently. Kerryn asks her if she's "getting into that place" for her shoot and she merely nods, like she's Sean Penn or something. She interviews that when she thinks about her son, she bawls. She's so ready for this. She explains to Indira that she has SO MUCH emotion, and you can tell that she wants to go on and on about her life story and such. Indira just cuts her off and is like, great, so why don't you be joyful and dance with yourself? That will show tons of emotion, don't you think? Her face drops and it's kind of funny. Thwarted in her attempt to spill more beans about her personal life, she remembers that she has her interviews!! She tells us that the shoot is not about her, it's about what the photog wants. Which is true. She looks good in her shoot and interviews that she gave Indira something that Indira didn't know she wanted.

Nicole gives everyone their photographs. Sandhurst's isn't great. He concurs. He says it looks like a guy standing next to a mirror. Shawn's pic is of the only moment when he wasn't making a poopie face. He interviews that Indira didn't capture his amazing emotion. You know, he can look a little crazy sometimes. Jonathan likes his pic -- it looks good. Indira chooses Amanda, who is thrilled. Jordan interviews that Amanda's not going to win another fashion shoot, because she's not a good model. Stop, Jordan. You're starting to sound like an idiot. The next winner is... Branden! He's totally psyched. He is the first guy to win a go-see! Amanda picks Mountaha to go with her. She didn't pick Kerryn, because she has immunity. Branden chooses Colin. Shawn, who seems to be on edge, says that Colin was a wasted choice, because he's not "ready" for Fashion Week. These people are almost making me believe that modeling is as hard as they say it is. Nicole says that, because this is an important go-see and they want the models to look their best, they will be going to the Maybelline studio for make-overs.

The girls get tips for natural make-up, while the boys are taught to rock out their hair. The stylist says they should have a look before they get to the go-see. Mountaha gets some mascara, which makes her look really cool. Afterwards, there is a lux bus to take them to Montreal. They are all thrilled. Amanda's all, "I made it!" and hugging the others. I was watching with someone who said, "Uh, it's a bus." Personally, I'd be really psyched too. It's like you're a band on tour!

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Make Me A Supermodel




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