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At the condos, Jonathan is annoyed that Amanda won again. He says that she talks about herself a lot, which is true. Sandhurst says that Branden had been hoping that Amanda wouldn't win again. Jonathan takes that opportunity to say that he doesn't think Branden will get the job in Montreal. Shawn thinks he has a chance, Colin has no chance, Mountaha will get the job, and Amanda has a chance. Sandhurst replies that all he knows is that he isn't getting the job.

On the bus, Amanda tells us that she has never been to Canada before. She thought they would be the same as Americans, only they say "Eh" a lot. That's about right, yes? These guys say "Eh" with a French accent though. Once in Montreal, Cory Bautista is waiting for them. He explains that the girls will be auditioning for Christian Chenail Par Mus, while the go-see for the boys is Dinh Ba.

We see the go-sees simultaneously. Dinh Ba tells the boys that he wants a relaxed walk. Branden goes first and he loves him. Christian Chenail asks Amanda to walk like she's on the street and happy. She rocks it. He tells Mountaha that she has good legs, and she thanks him. Colin is next and Dinh Ba asks him to loosen up. He wants more masculine and sexy. In his interview, we merely see him scratch his brow, for sexy is not part of smarty-pants virgin's vocabulary. But, he manages. Dinh Ba seems pleased, though I swear it's the same exact walk. Colin tries on clothes from Dinh Ba's line, and he loves the fit on Colin. It's a super-tight, low-cut, v-neck t-shirt. Including the various flamboyant catwalk get-ups he has worn, this is the gayest garment that Colin has ever worn. Christian tells the girls that both of them are hired! Dinh Ba tells both of the boys that they're booked! Does this seem arranged at all? Say, Christian Chenail and Dinh Ba traded spots in their show for face time on Bravo? It doesn't feel very organic.

Back in Brooklyn, Gabe says that he misses Amanda. Salome advises him to try to make out with Amanda. He smiles a little but otherwise offers no emotion, per usual. What must Gabe's insides be like? Does he think? Does he ever wonder about things?

In Montreal, we see a little episode of Colin chatting up a fellow model girl. He interviews that the women in Montreal are pretty. We only see him talking to the one girl, but Branden remarks that "the virgin of the house" is getting more than him. You know, being a virgin at 21 is not the hugest deal. You know what is? Being 21 and having an 18-year-old talk about you like you've been living in the basement your whole life. That's a huge deal. The girl Colin is talking to is French and tells him that she likes his body, then apologizes for her English. He laughs and says that he should have paid more attention in French class. He interviews that he's making progress, because now he's talking to girls. But, the girl is 16. He covers his face in shame in his interview. Maybe that's legal in Montreal?

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Make Me A Supermodel




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