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Afterwards, Nicole says that the walks were freaky. She introduces the judges, including Maggie Rizer. Nicole says she has the ability to make herself unrecognizable. Salome, Jordin, CJ, Mountaha, Gabe, and Kerryn are all safe. Jenny asks Shawn what his moves were about. He says that he was an overlord trying to capture everyone's energy and bring it into his body. She replies that less is more. I love her. Maggie says that Anna Wintour would leave if he walked like that at a show. Really? She'd leave in the middle of a show? They're only like a few minutes long -- she should just wait. Maggie adds that Shawn already looks freaky, so he doesn't need to do so much. Perou asks him if he had problem expressing emotion in his photo. He did not. Perou says then that he must only have a problem conveying emotion. Bitch. Jonathan says that he did the thing with the pockets on the runway to show off the pants. Maggie thinks it's smart to think about the clothes. Laury tells Marlon that she's nervous. He likes her walk and commends her for working with a difficult outfit. It's actually a great outfit. It's has a natural couture shape that you can just bend into. Perou liked her catwalk but felt that she wasn't showing enough in her face in her photo.

Jenny asks Amanda what her story was on the catwalk. She says she was a hunter, but Jenny says that blowing a kiss made it cross into porno territory. Marlon congratulates her on winning the photo challenge. Then, Perou says that she looks like she's pole dancing and having some "uncomfortable sexual encounter" in her photo. I guess he's not a fan of Indira. He asks her what emotion she was trying to convey, and she starts blubbering about her son and crying. She turns away from the judges and Shawn comforts her as Laury coldly tells her that she has to face the judges. Laury is a cold bitch, ya'll. Maggie is, too. She says, "There's no crying in modeling!" Then, she says that she thinks people cry when they're trying to get something. Amanda says that she wasn't trying to do that, but Maggie just gives her more shit. Amanda may actually be being manipulative right here, but I don't think we've seen enough evidence to accuse her yet. Marlon slams Colin for his walk. It was terrible. Colin agrees. Perou asks him if walked like that in Montreal, and he assures him that he did not. He says that the one good thing about Colin's walk was the strong ending. Unfortunately, Marlon doesn't like his photo any better. He thought that it just looked like a good-looking guy staring in the mirror. Jenny tells Branden that his walk looked like he was experiencing growing pains, which would be appropriate, since he's still a kid. She feels like he's growing every week. Amazing tie-in there, Jenny. Really artful. Loved it. Maggie tells Branden that she has an 18-year old sister who is really cute. Perou suggests that they swap numbers later. Wow. I'd pimp my sister out to Brandon, too, I guess. He tells them that he loved walking in Montreal. Jenny liked Sandhurst's edgy walk, but Perou didn't feel like the photo was very expressive. He explained his aversion to mirrors, which Perou takes as a sign that perhaps ol' Sandy is in the wrong profession.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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