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What I keep asking myself is: How many more weeks of this? Except, when I ask it in my head, it sounds like this: How many more weeeeeeeeeks of thiiiiiiiiiiiiis? These stupid people are killing my soul. I even like some of them, and pretty much find them all beautiful, but they need to shut up, and soon.

Perry wakes up on the morning of elimination ready to face the music. Do the producers not pay a heating bill for this house? Because this young man is sleeping in a cardigan. He holds his arm aloft and prays in a revival tone: "Model gods, if you're up there...if you can hear me...In the name of GQ, Calvin, Tommy, Nautica, please grace me with your presence. Abercrombie and Fitch." Okay, that's hilarious. Well played, Perry. Now, don't piss me off again, lest I invoke some Members' Only on your behind. "Can't our room stay out of the bottom three?" frankie asks, all mopey. Remember that.

Before the panel go Ben, Perry and Jacki. I can't even decide who I'd like to see leave more, so jerky are they all. Doesn't matter anyway, because as Tyson reminds us, it's out of the hands of the panel, which includes him, Creepy Cory, and Jennifer Starr, rocking her best cheekbone-highlighting Dr. Evil pursed lips.

The tense drums of intensity play as Tyson slowly drags out the announcement of who's getting booted. It's Jacki. Perry puts his hands on his knees and leans down in relief. I am sad, honestly, because Jacki's at least better than Ben, right? Jacki does get a little teary, and is very disappointed. It's terrible to say this, but she's very pretty when she cries. "This is what I was born to do," she says backstage, "and I'm going to continue to do it." Tyson has the balls to look slightly disappointed in the outcome after he trashed her last week.

In the car on the ride home, Perry and Ben revel in their male superiority. Perry snidely says he's sure Shannon's back at the house talking about how Jacki will be coming back. He is exactly right. She thinks it will be Jacki and Ben returning, based on the way the judges chewed Perry out last week. "I feel that Perry's a strong model," Ronnie contributes, but goes on to say that Perry turns a lot of people off with his attitude. "I don't think he turns a lot of people off," frankie says. "I think a lot of people like him, you know?" Aw, frankie, don't worry. Daddy's coming home.

In first is Ben. Ronnie holds up a sign reading "Welcome Home, Ben" and everyone seems surprised, if pleased, to see him. Everyone, that is, except frankie. He puts his face in his hands, obviously expecting to see Jacki come in next. "Well, I learned a valuable lesson today," Ben says. "Arrogance is not really a supermodel quality." They all look at the door, trying to decide who the less-arrogant of the possible two could be. With that, Ben calls back over his shoulder: "Hey, sweetheart! Come here, baby!" and Perry runs in to the delighted howls of Casey and frankie. I think Casey also has a "Welcome Home" sign. Ben says in an interview that he wishes Perry had gone home. There can be only one narcissistic buzz cut in this house!

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Make Me A Supermodel




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