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What A Big Scarf You Have!

Tyson introduces the judges. Everyone is staying on stage for comments. Jenny says that Sandhurst was lucky that a butterfly landed on his temple when he was looking at her and it was a beautiful effect. Catherine liked his photo but thinks that he can be much more sexy. She says that it's time for him to prove that he can be a supermodel. Jenny liked Jonathan's photo. Perou thinks it was safe. They remind him that Kerryn had two immunities before she was kicked off -- he can't "play it safe." Whatever that means. I guess his walk lacked some spark, but how do you have a problem with that photo? Marlon loved Salome's photo. Catherine thought that her pose before leaving the runway was inappropriate. She would have freaked if that had been her show. Marlon was disappointed in Amanda's photo. She blabs about how her body has changed since she had her son and she had insecurities. Salome is about to laugh and Perou asks her what's up. She says that she's hearing a lot of excuses and, when you look at a photograph, you don't hear the excuses. Catherine thought that Jordan had the best walk, but the worst photo. She thinks she looks like a little girl. Also, she's worried that Jordan likes the photo. Jenny says that Jordan isn't showing the same spark that she did in the beginning and (completely spontaneously, I'm sure) asks her if she is unhappy in the condo. She says that the competition is getting tough and they're all irritated with each other. Perou reminds her that beginner models usually live in a house together, which can be even more annoying. They're disappointed with Branden's photo. Perou thinks he looks confused. They ask him not to take what they say so personally, because it looks like their earlier criticism has really gotten to him. Catherine felt that Mountaha was one of the only people on the catwalk to keep focus. Perou is disappointed to hear that Mountaha moved before the photographer got his shot. He also doesn't like her in profile.

Tyson's advice for the judges? "You guys have a big decision to make. That's all I got to say." Nicole just says that some of the girls are not standing out. The judges confer. Jenny thinks they've reached a ceiling. Suddenly, Catherine feels that Jordan's walk AND picture were good. Whatever, she just said it was the worst. Perou is bored with Jonathan. Salome is still too fat. Marlon isn't sure how much she can change her body. They really liked Mountaha's walk. They feel like Sandhurst is growing. Perou is bored with Amanda. Marlon feels that Branden got lucky in his photo (apparently, that one's good, now, too). He has potential. Perou thinks he was better when his ego was huge.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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