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They Know Candy Like They Know Calculus

Amanda is a lollipop and does really well. Jonathan is a lollipop, too. He uses a prop lollipop, and Suza likes that he took the initiative. Sandhurst tells Jordan, who is painted as a candy cane, that she looks sexy, for a candy cane. Branden is also a candy cane and goes first. He looks freaky and Suza loves it. He looks like an edible A Clockwork Orange. Suza loves Jordan, as well. She says that Jordan really "brought it." Jordan says that, though she has immunity, she wanted to rock the challenge.

Colin is still practicing his walk. It's not getting any better. Chris and Shawn are giving each other manicures. They both interview that they like the other one a lot-- they are our gay crew. Sweet. In the other room, Branden is telling Sandhurst and Jordan that he's uncomfortable around gay people. Luckily, working in fashion is a great way to get away from them. Sandhurst asks him why that is, and Branden says that something happened to him when he was young. And, he grew up without a father in his house. That sucks. He interviews that the guys in the house have given him a new perspective, though. Suddenly, in the other part of the room, CJ is walking on Amanda's back and Amanda is screaming. Jordan tells them that they're interrupting a conversation and they leave. They're all pissed off that Jordan was all uppity with them. They were having a serious conversation, though. I feel like Jordan was honoring Branden's revelation more than she was just taking the opportunity to rag on two of the girls.

Nicole enters with the results from the photo shoot. Salome thinks that everyone has upped their game already. Gabe is really disappointed in his photo. Sandhurst likes his picture and whisper-chants in an interview, "I'm sexy. I'm sexy. Put it on your TV." I don't know what to say. Weird? Amazing? Comeback hit for Right Said Fred? Cory calls and asks to speak to... Jordan! Bitch can't stop winning. Amanda is all sour grapes and interviews that there were other people who deserved to win more than Jordan. She says that Jordan had the most extensive make-up, and even sitting still, would have gotten a great shot. Suck it up, Amanda. Jordan's going on a go-see to Miss Sixty, which specializes in denim. Hmmm. I guess it's a good thing that a guy didn't win this, since Miss Sixty does not make any men's clothing. I guess they would have set up a go-see for a guy if one had won? Jordan picks Mountaha to go with her. Nicole asks her why she chose her, and she says it's because she loves her!

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Make Me A Supermodel




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