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They Know Candy Like They Know Calculus

The show begins, and Colin and Salome are first. Colin is still a little stiff, but much improved from last week. His face is more relaxed and he looks really handsome. Salome is awesome, per usual. Her prop is a huge lollipop, and Colin has a pail of candy. He interviews that he feels good about the walk. Branden and Sandhurst are next and they look great. For their pose, Branden blows a bubble gum bubble and Sandhurst pops it. Nicole LOVES it. Chris and Mountaha are next. Chris' prop is this candy bat thing that he can't really manage. He really sucks on the catwalk. Jordan and Amanda rock it. They clearly impress. CJ and Shawn are next, and CJ ignores her prop! Jonathan and Karen are next. Jonathan "innovates" with his prop and acts like his giant Twizzlers are a golf club. Laury and Gabe are next. Gabe seems totally PISSED. He doesn't like the prop. So stupid. Kerryn is last and looks really cute by herself.

As the models wait, CJ yawns on the catwalk. Tyson introduces the judges -- Marlon, Jenny Shimizu, Pero, and Catherine Malandrino. Amanda, Shawn, Karen, Mountaha, Sandhurst, Laury, Kerryn and Salome are safe. Remaining are the best and worst. Catherine tells Colin that his photo was bad. She didn't want to eat him. Marlon tells him that he was much better on the catwalk. They loved Jordan. She said she loved working with Amanda. Jenny tells her that she was unrecognizable in her photo and that ability to transform cannot be taught. Perou tells Gabe that he looks miserable. Gabe smiles at the comment, which is one of the only times we've ever seen him do that. Marlon says that he's the only person he knows that would look miserable as candy. Gabe says that he's a naturally dark person, but Catherine tells him that he looks great when he smiles. Marlon says that Chris doesn't have the confidence necessary to be a runway model. The prop work was shit. Chris thanks Marlon for the critique. Catherine appreciates his positivity, but doesn't feel that he improved after last week's critique. Perou loved Jonathan's innovative use of the prop. He tells Jenny that he's pleased with his haircut. Jenny recommends that he send Tabatha flowers. Marlon loves Branden. He loved the walk. Jenny loved his photo. She thinks that it showed his vulnerable side. Marlon likes CJ's hair and asks her how she feels about it -- she's not sure. Stupid. He tells her that her runway performance was poor. Perou calls her out on yawning and looking uncomfortable. She's seriously transparent in that regard. Jenny asks her if she's serious about being in the competition. With her left arm wrapped around the right side of her neck and no expression on her face, she responds, "Yes. Very much so." Okay, not to sound like I'm 100, but I feel like this is a problem with that generation. Does anyone notice how the kids that are coming out of college don't feel like they need to prove anything in their jobs? It's about what the job can give them. Don't get me started, but I feel some of that coming from her. Jenny wants her to die.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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