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They Know Candy Like They Know Calculus

Marlon asks Nicole and Tyson if they have anything to say. Tyson says that Chris "gets it," but he needs more time with him. Nicole rips CJ a new one. She tells her that she's standing in front of people who are trying to help her and she's giving off a hardcore "fuck you" vibe. She says she's like a "tasteless Kate Moss." Holy shit. Wow. She's going home unless she turns into a brunette Pollyanna. Nicole says that she can tell there's something in CJ that's sweeter, but I feel like she's just tempering the crazy comment she just gave. The models sit tight while the judges confer.

The judges feel like CJ photographs well. Jenny likes Chris' look. She thinks that he could do Helmut Lang or Burberry. Catherine says that she thinks Jenny is just making a parallel with her own work, but Jenny was gutsy while Chris' work is bleh. Perou hates Gabe's photo. Marlon says that he looks like a model, but he irritates Perou. That's the first time I've liked that jag-off. Gabe is a tool. They appreciate Colin's improvement, though his photo was crap. Catherine likes Jordan's fragility. Jenny is still into Branden. Marlon wants to give immunity to Jonathan.

Back on the catwalk, Jordan is safe. Branden wins immunity!!! He's really happy. Tyson calls him "my brother." Branden interviews that he's immune to the virus that is kicking people out of the house. Tyson tells Colin to step it up, but he's safe. CJ is safe. Wha? It's down to Gabe and Chris. This doesn't look good for Chris. I was looking forward to seeing if he took Cory's advice and picked up a little weight. It would've been like The Biggest Gainer. Tyson tells Gabe that the judges wonder if he can do anything but pout, but it's Chris that can't be made into a supermodel. Crap. He tries to keep his composure but definitely seems upset. He says that he's not giving up on his dream of being plastered on a bus. He's lucky that the ad campaign for this show includes lots public transportation advertising. His dream is in reach.

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