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Previously: Salome almost drowned during an underwater shoot. Jordan won the challenge and booked the go-see. Branden got slammed for having a big head. Despite the deepness of Amanda's love for Gabe, he was sent home.

Stylist Rebecca Weinberg will be sitting on the panel this week! Filling in for Perou! I know he adds some flavor, but I'm glad to be rid of his sliminess for a week. And Catherine Malandrino is back! Yay! Already, this episode is hurtling towards legitimacy.

It's morning, and we see a shot of a mural in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a mural that reads, "Lower East Side." Then, we see the condos across the street from my gym in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Nice try, Bravo. You're putting these kids up in Brooklyn. Don't front. Amanda tells us that she's upset about Gabe leaving, partly because she liked him and all, sure, but mostly because she won't have someone to talk at. Because this is real stressful, and you need someone nearby whose ostensible purpose in life is to listen to your self-involved babble. I didn't realize how completely over Amanda I was until I wrote that sentence. Jordan interviews that she is sick of Amanda moping, as if Gabe were her true love or something. "He's dead." Wow. She says that Amanda needs to leave, too. Kind of sick of Jordan, too.

Branden, Sandhurst and Salome read the photo challenge clue. Madonna, Andy Warhol and Yves St. Laurent have all been shot by this photographer. Drew Barrymore? Salome doesn't know who Andy Warhol is. Colin informs her that, "Madonna and Andy Warhol is pop art." I guess half of that is true. Madonna's just pop. Salome also doesn't know who Yves St. Laurent is. Jonathan interviews that he's not sure if Salome's being clueless or looking for attention. Jesus, she's 19. It's not inconceivable that a teenaged Mennonite might not know of Andy Warhol and Yves St. Laurent. I went to college with a girl who didn't know who Gary Coleman was. She played the cello.

The models go to Element, a nightclub in the Lower East Side. You've won this time, Bravo. Branden is excited, because he likes to party. It's 10am, but go for it. Tyson and Nicole are there to great them. They're going to be bringing the '60s back, specifically the mod era. [Too late, DWTS already did it. - Zach] And Roxanne Lowit is going to be shooting them. She is qualified because she has shot The Rolling Stones and partied with Iggy Pop and Jerry Hall. That all sounds like it could have happened at one party, so I'm not sure she's terribly qualified, but there's an old black and white shot of a party. She likes to shoot parties. She tells the models that they're going to... have a party. Their challenge is to capture the spirit of the '60s nightlife.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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