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The models are going to work in pairs, and Nicole holds a box out of which Tyson pulls comp cards. First is Branden, who gets to choose his partner. He goes with Sandhurst. He interviews that Sandhurst is a good-looking guy, which DOES NOT MAKE HIM HOMOSEXUAL. Methinks the lady doth protest so much that it maketh the lady gay. Jonathan is chosen next, and he goes with Jordan, who is excited. Colin chooses Kerryn, who is thrilled and says that hers and Colin's relationship is "advancing." Her order of roofies has been shipped, and Colin will soon be hers, all hers. Mountaha is next and chooses Salome. That leaves Amanda and Laury. Amanda is bummed that she wasn't chosen. Colin interviews that sometimes Amanda "doesn't come across as positively as she thinks." Diplomatic. She's a downer, apparently. Tyson has something to add. This week, two models will be eliminated. Ouch! Everyone is justifiably freaked.

Rebecca Weinberg is styling them for the shoot, and she's a badass. She explains to the guys that her idea of mod is a short, skinny pant. She marvels at Jonathan's abs and Jordan informs her that he's the most ripped guy in the house. Sandhurst and Branden better get to work, yo. Amanda gets the chicken cutlet fake booby treatment, which prompts Rebecca to ask the guys if they like girls to have big breasts. Jonathan says that he likes girls to be "flat as a pancake." Hmm. Colin says "medium" because the big ones scare him. Seriously, he said that. Branden just says "Boobies!" Not making that up.

Jonathan and Jordan are prepared for their shoot. Tyson says to Jonathan that he is very handsome, so handsome that, if he were a girl, he would date him. Jonathan tells Tyson that he's been waiting for him to say those words, which gets a laugh. Models are weird. Jonathan interviews that Jordan looked like Audrey Hepburn made up, which he loved. They're so supposed to act casual and full of energy, like it's a captured moment at a party. They do very well and Roxanne liked Jordan in particular.

Mountaha practices some '60s dance moves backstage with Salome, who doesn't know nothing about no dancing. Laury interviews that Salome pretends to be naïve, but then will be able to discuss sex frankly. She thinks that she's one of the fakest people in the house, and they are not going to be friends. To be fair, there's a difference between having a knowledge of pop culture and having the opportunity to get busy with Obadiah in the barn. You can know one without the other. Exhibit A, the cello player. For the shoot, Nicole tells them that the '60s were a time when women flaunted their beauty. The girls work it for the camera, with Nicole prodding them to turn up the energy. Roxanne says that she thinks the girls captured the right spirit. Mountaha loves what they did and hopes that she will win the challenge this week. Not happening.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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