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Branden and Sandhurst are next. Branden reminds us that the judges ripped him a new one last week. They're dressed more like the Rat Pack than mod, but whatevs. They're cute. They act like they're checking out girls from a bar. Sandhurst interviews that smiley pictures are hard for him, because he squints. Branden says that "Brandhurst" seemed to be fine, but then he admits that he's scared. Scared that he referred to him and another guy as "Brandhurst," which does in fact mean that he is homosexual? No, scared of being eliminated.

Kerryn asks Colin how tall he is. 6' 4". She says that she always falls for boys who are shorter than her. Could this be over? She interviews that she's worried about Colin's inexperience, but she hopes that he will do fine. He's had multiple professional photo shoots at this point-- when do we stop talking about that? She is hoping to be strong enough for both of them, because she doesn't want him to go home. Uh-oh. This is hard. They look really uncomfortable. Tyson keeps telling Colin to look at the camera, but he keeps going into profile. Then, Kerryn sits on him, but Roxanne says that they look uncomfortable. Finally, Rebecca steps in and says that Kerryn's hair and make-up doesn't work. It needs to be redone. Doesn't help. They super-suck at this. She has them just dance for the camera, but it doesn't look that good. This is horrible. I really like them.

Laury and Amanda are practicing some moves for Sandhurst. Laury snaps that Amanda can't move with her arms up. She interviews that she and Amanda aren't the best of friends. Who does this bitch like? Sandhurst has them turn away from him and jiggle, which is a joke so he can see their jelly move. Amanda gets a kick out of it. On the set, Nicole tells them to take this "seriously" because two people are being eliminated. Neither of them seems the least bit frivolous, but thanks for the reminder, Nicole. Laury says she's not a big smiler, but she's doing it for the camera. Amanda says that Laury is definitely on the cutting block this week, which she thinks sucks for her. She wishes she'd had a partner who was on her level. Also, she says that the downfall of Laury's appearance is her smile. Ouch. But, also kind of true. That space between her teeth is distracting. Laury says that she thinks the shoot went well.

The next day, we see the models having breakfast. Salome and Mountaha are on the treadmills in the fitness room. Amanda and Branden are talking alone. She high-fives him over making the top 10. That's a kind of manufactured thing to be excited about. It's not like they're all going on tour together or something. Branden reminds her that, if they survive this week, they'll be top 8. And the week after that? Top 7. God, that's just crazy. Amanda interviews that she's not sure why everyone is not as nervous as she is about this double elimination. She thinks it's because she wants this more than they do. Maybe it's because they're not humorless pills? She tells Branden that she's showing her son to go after his dreams. Nice enough thought, but then she goes further and complains that, when she was pregnant, everyone told her that her life was over. Her sister tried to get her to have an abortion and told her that she was disgracing their family. This is going to be on TV, Amanda. Branden commends her for being strong and interviews that he grew up with a single mom and she's his "everything."

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