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That night, Jordan goes to her booking at People's Revolution. She tries on clothes for Masha Orlov, a stylist. Afterwards, Masha says that Jordan did a very good job. Robyn, the lady from People's Revolution, really liked her as well. Afterwards, Jordan says that it's so nice to work with "professional" people. At the condo, everyone congratulated her, except for Amanda. She interviewed that the job sounded "boring."

The next morning, Tyson and Nicole greet the models at the catwalk. Laury notices two racks of clothes that aren't ordinary clothes. Tyson says that this catwalk challenge is going to be a "style war." Roman and MJ, the fashion designers from House of Diehl are there to explain what he means. They enter the catwalk really seriously. So, Roman says that it takes a supermodel to wear challenging clothes. Then, Mountaha volunteers and he makes a short jacket out of a pair of black vinyl pants. It looks great on her. The designers are going to create looks from the two racks of clothing that they have before them. They will only have 4 minutes to create a look, but they have to sell it on the runway. This MJ is a powerful speaker, but this doesn't make any sense to me yet. Are all of the models working on each ensemble? They will be working against their partners from the photo shoot.

This is disorienting and exciting. Colin says it's akin to a rap battle, but with fashion designers. What happens is, Salome and Mountaha walk out in their underwear. Mountaha is accompanied by Diego Montoya. Salome is accompanied by the winner of the New York Style Battle, Kelly Aragon. MJ calls "STYLE!" and everyone starts working. They cut the t-shirts off of the girls to begin. Salome interviews that, since Mennonites make all of their clothes, she may be a step ahead. At four minutes, they go to the catwalk. They're both styled in these crazy outfits with blinds accordioning out from their bodies. They walk the shit out of it on the catwalk though. The judges seem to approve.

Next, Branden is accompanied by Paul Raymond. Sandhurst's designer is the winner of the U.S. Style Challenge, Corelle Levy. Sandhurst ends up in a hoodie cape thing, while Branden is in a vinyl skirt reminiscent of The Cell starring Jennifer Lopez. Sandhurst acts kind of crazy on the runway, because he doesn't really know the correct way to market his crazy outfit. Branden is worried about the judges liking him.

Laury is paired with L.A. Style Battle Champion, Paul Maglog Amanda is paired with Kayce Armstrong. Laury ends up covered in trash bags, while Amanda's design is actually very beautiful. It's a short version of all of those Chanel feathery dresses from a few seasons ago. Or, like that Oscar de la Renta dress that the Russian got for Carrie on Sex and the City. I know, I should move on. They walk pretty fiercely, though it makes me uncomfortable to watch them all working so hard.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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