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Colin is paired with Heather Murphy, while Kerryn is being dressed by Chris Pobada. STYLE! Colin ends up in this voluminous Issey Miyake-meets-prison wear get-up. Kerryn is wearing a pretty cocktail dress. She interviews that she hopes that Colin has problems, so it will make her shine. She loves him and all... but, it's a competition. Colin's walk is a little weird, but he pulls it together towards the middle.

Jordan is working with a three-time style challenge winner Dominic. That's a lady. Jonathan is working with Avaria Varaisavoy. Hard name. Dominic puts Jordan to work during their four minutes. Jonathan ends up looking like a super hot Ghost of Christmas Present. Jordan is wearing an architectural piece that frames her face. They have a great time on the runway. Jordan says that they are dangerous working together.

Afterwards, Tyson introduces the judges, including stylist from Sex and the City Rebecca Weinberg. Tyson calls out Branden, Mountaha and Jonathan. They are safe. Marlon says that Jordan did well on the catwalk and liked that she helped her designer. Jenny thought she was a good team with Jonathan, and she replies that she loved working with him. Catherine says that the photo is not her favorite of Jordan's, but it was "fun." Rebecca says that neither Amanda nor Laury shined in the photo. Catherine thinks that she's missing strength and presence. She tells Laury that it was brave for her to walk in a trash bag. Marlon thinks that she lacked confidence, which Rebecca disagrees with. Marlon reminds everyone that he's been everywhere in the world and knows what he's talking about. Laury says that she has had to adjust her personality for the fashion world and "for you to say that you can't see me improving -- I don't wanna get bitchy." Jenny replies that this is the challenge when she should have been bitchy. I think she meant that she was about to be bitchy right then. Jenny says that it's not time to be making friends. Yeah, Laury's all about friendship here.

Marlon praises Sandhurst's picture. They also liked that he was so confident in his walk, though he really couldn't see. He replies that he figured, since he has immunity, that he'd just go for it and get reprimanded later. They hate Kerryn's picture and walk. She stands up for the picture. They also hate on Colin and he says that he agrees they had no chemistry in the picture. Kerryn whispers, "Are you kidding?" under her breath. I don't seriously think he was trying to screw her there, but I guess you never know. Rebecca adds that Colin appeared buffoonish on the runway.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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