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Kerryn interviews that this was a complete shock to her. People have always called her "supermodel," and she will continue to be that, she says especially in her hometown. God, that's heartbreaking. Laury says that she's not going to let this beat her down. She's going to find a couple of people who love every aspect of her. Backstage, Salome tries to give Laury a hug, but she turns away. As she's leaving, she says that Salome talks shit about people, but does whatever she needs to in front of the judges to look like a perfect little girl. "But there's another side to you, girl." "Tell me about it," she replies coolly. That's not a bad comeback. She says that Salome is full of shit and everyone looks disgusted at her as she walks out. "I just don't like the bitch," she says in conclusion.

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Make Me A Supermodel




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